Chaos Dragon Episode 5 Review

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This week’s episode of Chaos Dragon delves into the complexities of the magic system in the world and how the harmony of Nil Kamui is anchored to the Red Dragon’s magic. From Eiha’s story and Ka Grava’a information, we learn that the Red Dragon has somehow gone mad. Ka Grava reveals that he was warned of something like this way back when during a meeting with the Red Dragon. The Red Dragon asked Ka Grava to meet him at Ogani Volcano, the last place where he could potentially retain his sanity. Now, all sides of the Red Dragon expedition head to the volcano to investigate.

Chaos Dragon Episode 5 (9)Both sides, Kouran and Donatia are constantly scheming against each other. Nil Kamui seems to hold the most straightforward path because they really have nothing to lose in this entire situation with the Red Dragon gone chaotic. What are the chances that Kouran and Donatia have developed similar alchemical artifacts to shift the balance of magic power out of Nil Kamui and into their favour? Kouran has a gold piece while Donatia has a Black Dragon’s Scale. Swallow reveals that it’s been taxing on him to use his power and fight in Nil Kamui because everything magic-related is greatly affected by the Red Dragon. However, when the balance of magic shifts, the balance of power will also shift. Now I have no idea what Swallow’s own motives are but he doesn’t always seem as upright and tight about representing Donatia than someone like Ulrika.Chaos Dragon Episode 5 (12)

The party head for Fort Rosweisse, situated nearby the volcano. While Ibuki’s friends travel through the desert, General Gakusho and the Kouran forces maange to arrive first. During the trip, Ibuki and Ka Grava tease out some importance bits about the Red Dragon’s power. Ka Grava brings up one of the past Imperials who had the power to bring back ones he’d killed, in other words, an army of thousands of the undead or Returned Ones. Ka Grava that the power to take lives and bring them back comes from a power similar to all Dragons.

Chaos Dragon Episode 5 (24)Another interesting point twists up the plot when Lou breaks away from the group to search for more water in the dessert. She arrives before the party at Fort Rosweisse and raids Gakusho’s office for Kouran’s Gold Wedge. Gakusho manages to divert one of Lou’s strikes but bleeds to her death moments after. Even later, Returned Ones ambush Ibuki’s party in the desert and a huge fight breaks out leaving us on a huge cliff-hanger. I’m so curious as to whether the Returned Ones can actually be incapacitated because they are basically zombies at this point. Would they be relentless? Or can some part of the Red Dragon’s power stop them? Also, what exactly is happening in the volcano and will Ibuki have to kill another of his friends in battle soon?

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