Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 4 Rant

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Umaru has become such an interesting protagonist. Her perspective provides some pretty interesting story narration as she’s much more used to being the observer and manipulator on the inside rather than the actual genuine participator. Unless it’s something she really wants like crane game prizes or video game fun, she never actually goes out of her to get it nor does she get overly competitive. Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 3 (23)This is pretty evident when we compare Umaru’s demon-like crane game prowess versus tennis games in her gym class. While Sylphynford claims that Umaru is the only one worthy of being her rival, Umaru really isn’t so much invested in sports competitions hahaha Outdoors Umaru is a little bit sympathetic to her clumsy friend Ebina and a bit exasperated with her enthusiastic rival.

I find Umaru an increasingly interesting character. Despite the fact that she’d rather do nothing for the day but play games, eat junk food, read manga and watch anime, she’s still invested enough in the real world to create friendships in the class and take an interest in someone like Sylphynford to sympathize fondly with her competitive attitudes. Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 3 (18)She also cares enough about her brother to scramble around the house trying to flawlessly repair a cat figurine of her brother’s. Though she’s motivated by the fact that she really doesn’t want to get in trouble, I’d still believe some of the panic stems from genuine guilt.

I can honestly say that after reviewing so many series, I eagerly look forward to new episodes of Himouto! Umaru-chan every week. While at times, the vibrancy of the story’s comedy comes off better in full animation than simply reading it, I find merit in both versions of the story.

– Cloudy

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