Super Junior KRY – Join Hands (Romanized Lyrics)

Super Junior KRY - Join Hands (Cover A)Hey guys how are you?? Today the full version of a new Japanese song called “Join Hands” just released. It’s sung by a sub-unit with members from a Korean boy band called Super Junior. Super Junior KRY is made up of three singers – Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung and this particular new song boasts a really classic Japanese ballad music style which I found instantly relaxing. “Join Hands” is the title track while the B track to the release is a song called “Point of No Return.” I don’t always transliterate lyrics and I’m not a particularly big fan of KRY songs but I really enjoyed singing along to this one so I hope you Super Junior ELF will find these lyrics helpful 🙂

Also if you’re intereted in supporting the group you can grab their new single at CDJapan or

Yesung: Oh wa ooooh yeah… yeah yeah….

Verse 1:

Kyuhyun: Ano hi hanshita te wo

Ima mo oboeteru

Todekura ichi kanda, tatarou

Yesung: Tou dakara se naka wo

Miokuri nagara (Ryeowook: Oh I’m sorry)

Sei ipai tsuyokateta

Ryeowook: Nai demo wo rate mo (Kyuhyun: sore tsunohimo)

Kimi no soba de (Yesung: are no raitsu)

Bokura shikuitai wa



Kyuhyun: Kono te wo soto

Sashi de seka

Kimi ga seki datta

Kono basho hi mata

Yesung: Hana kasaku you ni

Tewozu nai teku

Ryeowook: Sono te wo kitto

Anata kakute

Koko ni iru imi dake

Fushiete dekureru

Kyuhyun: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, oh oh yeah…

Verse 2:

Yesung: Nani mo iwanakute mo

Kimi wa wakate tanda

Kowaesouna boku no

Youwasa mo (Ryeowook: taisetsu yo)

Ryeowook: Hito ga (so kimi dake ga)

Soba ni ireba (Yesung: afure baitsu)

Kyuhyun: Tsuyoku na reru kara

Yeah yeah yeah…



Yesung: Kono te wo zetai


Kimi wa mamoritai

Kimi wo aishitai (Yesung: I JUST WANNA…)

Ryeowook: Sono te to mirai

Kasanete kudasai

Yesung: Subete wa kimi to (Kyuhyun: subete wa kimi to…)

Tsunaga teita

Ryeowook: Koko ni iru imi wa ne

Kyuhyun: Kimi e nandayo


Yesung: Kaze ni hokarete (Kyuyun: karete…)

Ryeowook: Nai yagaru houe (Yesung: Oh yeah yeah)

Kyuhyun: Onaji soba ni yegete iru (Yesung: yeah yeah yeah yeah…)

Last Chorus:



Kakegae no nai (Yesung: I BELIEVE IN YOU)

Kimi to deaeta

Kono basho i mata (Kyuhyun: Oh kitte…)

Yesung: Hana kasaku you ni

te wo tsunai teku

Ryeowook: Sono te wo kitto, attatakakute

Kyuhyun: Koko ni iru imi dake

Fushiete kureru

Yesung: Oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah


– Cloudy

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5 thoughts on “Super Junior KRY – Join Hands (Romanized Lyrics)

      • So I checked out Swing . . . And my God is it incredibly addicting! It’s ridiculous, I’m being sucked into the K-pop world and nothing’s stopping me XD If you didn’t mind Cloudy, I have two questions:
        1. In Super Junior, is it always the same members or are they always changing? I’m getting confused, but all I remember is Siwon, Ryewook, and Donghae, my personal favorite so far.
        2. Can you recommend anymore songs/albums like Swing? It’s not just a want, it’s like I need it to live now!

      • Hi!! Sorry I’m getting back to you this late, I just returned from a trip! The members in Super Junior are split into Super Junior M, Super Junior D&E, Super Junior KRY and Super Junior H (these are all the sub-units to the main group).
        The more you watch them the more you’ll figure out their faces so no worries 😛

        I really like the new Devil Album. It’s for Super Junior’s 10th Anniversary album! 😀

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