Chaos Dragon Episode 6 Episode

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

The plot thickens when the Returned ones, individuals killed by the Red Dragon, rise and wreak havoc at Ogani volcano. Tensions between Donatia and Kouran are tense when a member of the Black Dragon knights goes missing/is killed when spying on Lou from Kouran.

General Gakushou attacks the camp as a Returned one with the rest of her also newly dead warriors. Since the Returned ones are closely linked to the Red Dragon in magics concerning life or death, Ibuki wagers that by using the Red Dragon’s power to kill the Returned Gakushou, the Red Dragon should be able to kill the culprit who initially murdered Gakushou. Chaos Dragon Episode 6 (7)Interesting wager and Lou certainly doesn’t back down from where she’s observing this but before Ibuki can use the Dragon’s power, the revolutionary army arrives at the scene to defend Ibuki. So far, Lou seems the most mysterious and therefore suspicious in the troop. She completely has her own agenda when it comes to the Red Dragon expedition and I wonder how far we’ll get into the plot before her intentions are revealed.

I’m surprised how reluctant Ibuki is to fully lead the revolutionary army and this probably has to do with a difference in political and personal ideals. While the revolutionary army is bent on independence, wanting to oust both Kouran and Donatia from their nation and sovereignty, Ibuki just wants to make peace with the other nations and preserve as many lives as possible in the process. Ibuki only wants power for the sake of peace, but at this point, at what cost?

Along the way, the expedition and the revolutionary army continue to encounter Returned ones, this time from the Revolutionary army’s first expedition. So now it seems that the Red Dragon’s power is just going berserk and the dead are coming back with a vengeance. Izun, bonded to a giant stone creature is the most formidable of all the Returned ones and with a piece of the Red Dragon’s claw wedged into its body, everyone bands together to defeat Izun; Chaos Dragon Episode 6 (23)Eiha fighting out of responsibility to her slain comrade, Swallow fighting for the expedition and their future, Lou fighting in order to feed the energy of the Red Dragon’s claw into her blade. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out. I don’t want to see Swallow die so soon in the series but I feel like that’s where we’re headed. As well, Ibuki endeavours to revert the Returned ones back to sane states (which is admirable but probably impractical in battle) and it’s going to be harder and harder for Lou to hide her motives (and sword) during battle.

Tons of great action to look forward to in episode six!!

– Cloudy

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