Charlotte Episode 5 Review

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

Ahhhh I ended up missing the latest episode of Charlotte so today we’re finally catching up. This week the student council is pursuing a boy with flying powers. The gang camps out up in the mountains. Everyone seems to be bonding well despite the weird Misa/Yusa shift back and forth, if anything, Misa provides for much more interesting dialogue than Yusa.

Charlotte Episode 5 (19)Nao and Yu are also given a few interesting scenes. I actually love how Yu has developed a bit of a soft spot for Nao despite how he usually acts. Nao is usually picked on by girls around the school because of her standoffish attitude but she’s actually an immensely kind-hearted person and she ends up sharing with Yu, her dream to film a music video for her favourite group. Nao’s genuine and forward driving perspective seems to work quite well to balance out Yu’s personality who is way too accustomed to taking shortcuts with everything.

The episode runs quite smoothly and the point of it wasn’t so much the student council activities as to tease out more of our characters’ interpersonal relations and remind us there is still a bit of a family mystery behind Yu and his sister, Ayumi. Charlotte Episode 5 (32)Though the superpowers are expected to fade after high school, Takajou encourages Yu to do something meaningful with his, no matter the short time and only Yu himself can decide what he wants to do…

To be honest I feel like the series should have already built up more of an emotional rapport between the audience and the characters. I don’t find the student council cases particularly interesting nor do the slice of life scenes contribute that much to the main plot of the story nor the emotional development. Episode five just felt a bit like a dud though I will say that I believe Ayumi falling ill might be a sign of her powers developing…? Or I’m reading too much into things… better luck next week >.<

– Cloudy

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