Wakaba Girl Episode 6 Rant

Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

Wakaba girl is one of those series that reminds me how much I enjoy blogging about series out of a general pure love for that series. I find that I try to follow a lot of hyped or action-packed anime series becaluse of the results of the seasonal anime poll but Wakaba girl gives me so many happy feels every week, I mean, how can you not love this show? It’s so lighthearted and endearing.

This week we follow the girls to a swimming pool and while I’m usually not a big fan of the swimming pool themed episodes because of the overbearing fan service in other shows, I found myself enjoying the storyline so much the episode went by a lot quicker than usual. I absolutely loved the genuine summer enthusiasm gleamed between the character’s interactions.

I do think the friendship between Wakaba and moe-chan strikes the perfect balance between positivity and patience. Moe seems to be the only person patient enough to walk Wakaba through activities and has no qualms about explaining things to her. On the flip side, Mao and Shiba balance each other nicely since Shiba has a tendency to be more reserved while Mao is just outspoken. It does seem like episode six leaves us on a bit of a cliff-hanger when Wakaba is forced to leave because of her early curfew. I wonder if the girls will plan a surprise for Wakaba…

– Cloudy

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