Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz Episode 3 Thoughts

Rating: 2/5 complacent clouds crop_2-complacentcloudst

It seems like the third episode of Fate Kaleid Liner season three is still having too much fun with the slice of life fun. Mimi ends up putting down all her weird fanfic thoughts about the Illyas and Miyu on paper. Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma 2wei Herz Episode 3 (19)Somehow Suzuka and her sister got a hold of Mimi’s story and the entire episode explodes into a mad panic over boys love.

I feel a bit bad that Mimi’s closet hobby has gone out in the open with her group but HOW ADORABLE IS SHE WHEN SHE FANGIRLS OMG. She is so far gone into the fujoshi world of boys love that she can barely contain herself and SHE SO SHIPS SHIRO AND ISSEI AHAHAHAHAHAH

Clueless Illya trying to decipher boys love terminology.

Suzuka’s sister comes to the rescue when the friends hit a few bumps into their friendship. It is just so weird that this entire episode focused on the boys love hobby and even encourages Illya’s friendship with Mimi to continue.Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma 2wei Herz Episode 3 (21) I can’t imagine why the mostly male-Fate-fan base would like to sit through this series at this point but I suppose fan service and cute girls is one of the big selling points of this adaptation.

That’s right boys and girls, boys love and yaoi is just a fantasy genre we all love, so be accepting of your friend’s weird hobbies, hug it out and watch some anime 😉

– Cloudy

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