Rokka no Yusha Episode 6 and 7 Review

“He who can smile, even when he’s sad that he wants to die… is the one who becomes strong.”

Episode 6 Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

It seems like the Six Braves are intent that Adlet is the fake hero. While Adlet’s quick movements allow him to escape with a hostage, his flight only makes him look even more suspicious. Granted though if he hadn’t run, he would have been tortured and eventually killed anyway. Adlet ends up being injured by Hans and runs a good distance with Flamie over his shoulder but before he can even remove the dagger and treat his injury, he passes out.

Rokka no Yusha Episode 6 (15)We fast forward later that night to when Maura and Hans are finishing up the search. While they can confirm that Flamie is still alive due to the petals on the crest signifying the presence of each hero, they decide to leave it till morning. Meanwhile, Adlet and Flamie are still unconscious, hidden in the forest and out of the sight. I guess the mist does work in Adlet’s favour in this sense. I’m surprised we take this opportunity to pause in the suspenseful storyline of the main plot to disclose Adlet’s back story and his quest to become the strongest in the world, to defeat the fiends out of the guilt he feels for surviving an attack. DAMN Adlet’s teacher was a hard-ass old man. When Adlet awakens, he realizes that Flamie is the one who’s treated his wound. She seems to trust him… enough. And both of them ally with each other for the time being.

Rokka no Yusha Episode 6 (20)Flamie determines that what Hans and Maura deduced was correct but Adlet has no way to figure out who actually out who the seventh…. Or eighth traitor is. The suspicions build and yet Adlet continues to smile excitedly for morning to come. Flamie is almost in awe at his determination and perseverance, curiously asking him why he wishes to be a Brave…

WOW I did not expect Flamie and Adlet to bond so closely in the show. I really expected the Adlet and Nashetania ship to be much stronger due to the travel time at the beginning. It seems like the main group of characters is functioning well enough despite their eccentric and varying personalities…

Episode 7 Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Episode six and seven go together quite well and just my luck that I managed to watch both in one sitting. Adlet’s back story comes together when Flamie questions his motivations to become the strongest man in the world. Adlet reveals that a strange humanoid fiend approached his village and revealed something to the Elders that persuaded the Elders to move the village to the Land of Howling Demons, under the Demon God’s command. Rokka no Yusha Episode 7 (3)Any or all who opposed the decision would have their hearts ripped out. Flamie provides a pretty good encyclopedia of fiend knowledge to fill in the holes of Adlet’s back story. The fiend who threatened the village was apparently the one who came up with the idea of creating a half-fiend. Flamie actually becomes quite taken with Adlet, jealous that he had loved ones, has beliefs, something to fight for.

She on the other hand had been given false love from her mother and conned into the fiends’ beliefs but when she failed to fill Chamot, the fiends turned on her and her mother simply betrayed her. Flamie’s entire life had been happy among the fiends but now she’s just a stray and she wants revenge for her own sake, to throw it all back in her face. She gives Adlet a beacon of sorts, something created from her powers and will link Adlet back to Flamie should he detonate it; a symbol of her trust to start.

Rokka no Yusha Episode 7 (12)Flamie returns to the other heroes and the Braves make a plan to weed out Adlet. While Maura and the others are convinced of Flamie’s innocence after hearing her back story and motivations, Hans still heavily suspects her (and he rightly should because she’s definitely the most mysterious of the bunch). Nashetania has SOMEONE deluded herself to thinking she can save Adlet… seriously, why is she infatuated with him? She needs a serious slap if she’s going off of a gut feeling with little to no logic. She’s determined to find evidence that will incriminate Hans.

Adlet returns to the temple to investigate and starts a fight with Hans who seems to gain the upper hand before the episode ends leaving us on yet ANOTHER cliffhanger.

– Cloudy

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