Wakaba Girl Episode 7 Thoughts

Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

Seriously, it would not be a slice of life summer fluff anime without a yukata-festival-fireworks episode. I was pretty surprised that the episode happened as quickly as it did because I thought the girls would initlally surprise Wakaba with a party of sorts to cheer her up since that Wakaba felt left out because of her early curfew. It was nice of the girls to approach Wakaba’s sister and ask to take Wakaba out beyond her curfew time however ridiculous the scene was presented.

Episode seven didn’t make as much of an effort to inject comedy into the short story but we did get a lot of friendship scenes and I don’t know about you but I totally feel warm and fuzzy inside after that episode. The most endearing line was when Wakaba really wanted to repay her friends but under the light of the fireworks she realizes that friendships isn’t a business transaction. No matter how much money you might have you can’t buy true friendship or memories of these. Wakaba Girl is a series that does best with simple messages and profound meanings. While the series isn’t overly emotional nor filled with fan service, I find the series quite successful because it does exactly what it sets out to do, no more, no less. And it delivers.

Love the adorable yukatas as a bonus thought. Character designs are definitely on point.

– Cloudy

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