Charlotte Episode 6 and 7 Review


Episode 6 and 7 Rating: 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

WOW Talk about inconsistent and unexpected. When Ayumi falls ill, Tomori and the student council suspect that their next superpowers target will be Yu’s adorable littles sister. Suspicions pile on top of uncertainties when there is limited information on Ayumi’s actual superpowers. Charlotte Episode 6 (22)Initially I thought the dreams had to do something like pre-cognition or dream walking but she is literally dreaming about her own power and it’s destructive. It is so destructive that when she’s pushed into a corner, physically attacked by a jealous love rival of hers in middle school. Things take a turn for the worse when Ayumi loses her life in the incident and Yu just spirals downhill. He skips school, gets into otaku gaming, gang fights and utterly lets himself go. It’s a pretty quickly paced two episodes from Ayumi’s death to Yu’s aftermath.

I didn’t think Charlotte would take such a sharp detour down the death lane. There was absolutely no build-up up to Ayumi’s role in the story. The story mostly kept her sheltered within the home space and Yu only interacted with her a few moments every night at the end of his day. Charlotte Episode 6 (24)I suppose the happy slice of life scenes between the siblings was building up to this big fall out in the plot but SERIOUSLY we got little to no warning. What are the chances that on the day Ayumi sneaks back to school, while her powers are developing, she gets harassed by the boy she rejected and then attacked by her love rival only to have her powers explode and the building collapse on her. Yu never felt like such a loving brother in general but Ayumi was really the only person he could trust. I didn’t think her death would shake his life so extremely but I suppose it helped push the story forward in Tomori’s direction.

Tomori takes part responsibility for Ayumi’s death and sticks around to keep an eye on Yu for the few weeks or so when he sinks into the pits of grief. Her invisibility powers come in handy here for a while but she finally ropes Yu back from the abyss when she recreates his favourite sickeningly sweet omelette rice. Yu finally breaks out of his trance and agrees to rejoin the student council and get his life back together. As sassy and snappy Tomori can be on a regular basis, she’s really such a sensitive and caring person, it’s reassuring to have a character like her present in such a topsy-turvy plot like Charlotte.

After the events of these two past episode I have no idea where the plot is going to go or how they could potentially top this event in terms of shock factor and climax…

Episode 6 Screenshots

Episode 7 Screenshots

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