Chaos Dragon Episode 8 Review

Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Chaos Dragon makes one of the biggegst reveals of the show after Ibuki’s twin sister’s appearance. After this week’s episode we get the sense of just how much Ibuki has removed himself from politics, magic and the like in the past. Ibuki has no idea that Inori has been sheltered since Kouran’s attack and sheltered until the precise political moment. Chaos Dragon Episode 8 (20)Inori brings an interesting surprise when Mashiro returns to Ibuki’s side. Ibuki is overjoyed his childhood friend is back but Eiha is immensely suspicious… and she naturally has a right to be since Mashiro died so that Ibuki could be future King of Nil Kamui. It seems like Ibuki has only been striving to be king because he was so heavily shaken by Mashiro’s death. Now that she appears alive, Ibuki seems a bit aimless with his ideals. He’s almost too eager to just let go.

Meanwhile Lou gives Ka Grava a scale of the golden dragon… while Donatia is sneaking in more knights…

Since, Ibuki seems closed off to any and all suggestions, Eiha attacks Mashiro one night to prove that Mashiro is a Returned One. Chaos Dragon Episode 8 (27)Everyone’s biggest fear is mostly confirmed when Ka Grava reveals the footage of the assault on screen. However, Inori takes the moment to appear and affirm all of this. It seems like Inori and Ibuki have very different bonds with the Red Dragon…

My theory is that if it is as Ka Grava said – where life and death are two sides of the same power under the Red Dragon. Ibuki controls death while Inori controls life? Inori seems eerily cheerful in this tense atmosphere only adding to the apprehensive aura around her.

Seriously we made such a big deal over the fact that Returned Ones cannot be sane, Returned Ones cannot be sane, it almost became a bit tiresome with the constant repetition and now we actually see a Returned One who is functioning… as functioning as a dead person can be of course. Is Mashiro controlled? Or just driven by her emotions and instincts since she doesn’t seem to have any recollections of her past life or loved ones except Ibuki. Also, who or what is Nil Kamui trying to manipulate with Inori in the equation? I feel like episode eight takes us down a more complex side of the world that we may not have enough time to delve through. There’s only four episodes left and I feel like we’ve just gotten started…

– Cloudy

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