Charlotte Episode 8 Review

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

As much as I enjoyed the calming breather after the events of episode eight and nine, I felt like this episode was immensely unrealistic. We see Yu return to school, to his regular classes, regular friends and regular student council. Highlights of Yu’s everyday life? His lovely idol classmate Yusa, dropped a new music video… nothing else seems new though and everything tediously mundane since his sister passed away.

Charlotte Episode 8 (20)It seems like Yu is slowly developing feelings for Nao… or at least a soft spot for the girl since she really picked him up when he was in the lowest pits of grief. On a regular basis Nao seems so callous and no nonsense but she is a really kind and warm-hearted person; immensely sure of things she cares about and things she doesn’t.

Nao ends up scoring tickets to her favourite rock band- Zhiend and by process of elimination, Yu is selected to go with her… All too coincidentally, Yu bumps into the lead singer of the same rock band a day before the concert. He ends up treating the vocalist of Zhiend, Sala Shane, to tons of different restaurants and takes her around the city. Since Sala is visually impaired (due to some mysterious back story developments we only get references to), her other senses are immensely heightened and she becomes very sensitive to people’s moods and auras.

Charlotte Episode 8 (22)Yu calls up Nao who actually has no interest in meeting Sala despite being a fan of the music and performances. Yu suggests bringing Sala to meet Nao’s brother because he believes her presence will help him through his madness. The episode progresses surprisingly straightforward when Nao’s brother begins to remember Nao after Sala sings to him. The events of the last episode push Yu to be a kinder person and the hopeful exchange at the hospital gives him a little redemption in his life. To be honest I expected better storytelling. The series is easy enough to follow though and I’m not expecting anything big for the family though I am curious to see Yu and Nao grow closer.

– Cloudy

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