Chaos Dragon Episode 9 Review

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Curiously enough, this week’s episode of Chaos Dragon actually begins from Inori’s perspective and we get a glimpse of the fragiel princess’s true personality before he rmind was warped by the chaotic events of Nil Kamui and the power of the Red Dragon. When Agito returns to allegedly save Inori, he actually ends up killing her. Chaos Dragon Episode 9 (18)Luckily or unluckily for her, Inori’s blood touched the Dragon Eye and in pledging herself to the dragon, she was reborn. Inori is thus under the impression the Red Dragon went on a rampage to slaughter those who wronged her and the royal family.

The Inori of the present storyline is callous and amoral. Since she holds the power to grant lives, she has no qualms about using the Red Dragon’s power to achieve her ends. She’s also unfazed by the Returned, Ones, content to keep them by her side as puppets even though they might lack all reason and personality. She watches mercilessly while Mashiro murders the bishop and his attendants and while we do get to see moments of Inori’s insecurity, you can’t exactly tell if she’s acting to simply manipulate Ibuki or if some part of the past Inori still exists there.

Chaos Dragon Episode 9 (8)Meanwhile, the Black Dragon continues to scheme to take over the magic territory of Nil Kamui. He grants Swallow the ability to be immune to any magic and encourages his knight to continue his hard work. The Black Dragon endeavours to subdue the Red Dragon under his magic and even visits Ibuki subconsciously. The Black Dragon hopes Ibuki will side with him so that the Red Dragon may lose his power and everyone submits peacefully to Donatia. Coincidentally back in Haiga, the Black Knights of Donatia meet up with Kouran’s Force of Ten Thousand. Ibuki decided to take things into his own hands and temporarily side with his sister in order to play his own hand. He offers Mashiro’s life once more in order to incinerate the remains of Mashiro’s soul so she may never be brought back as a Returned One again. Now we’ll have to see how cleverly Ibuki can manipulate his sister and the revolutionary army, Kouran and Donatia so he may get the peace he so desires…

– Cloudy

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