Gangsta Episode 9 (Extra) Review & Rant

I’m not even reviewing Gangsta on a regular basis but this episode was TOO AMAZING… I literally forgot I wasn’t reviewing the series on a regular basis and just started typing once the episode finished. HELLA AWESOME EPISODE this week. So much suspense. The entire ambush on the Christiano family has huge implications for all parties in Ergastulum.

Rating: 4.2/5 curious clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

WOW this was probably the most emotionally action-charged episode of Gangsta this season. It picks up right in the heart of the Christiano family party. Just as you start to think the night is going smoothly, a sudden assault disrupts the party and two mysterious assassins begin slaying Twilights. Now, there’s a lot of tension going on between the Twilights, anti-Twilights, the government and the power relations between the four big mafia families.

Gangsta Episode 9 (5)It’s nice to see Marco and Galahad in action, one’s a blunt force fighter while the other is quite refined. I’d like to hear about Marco’s back story and the ring he wears on a chain around his neck. Galahad doesn’t seem quiet as deep. However, it’s a delight to see Loretta stand her ground in the midst of the violence and danger. For a young girl caught in the midst of these gang politics she’s quite collected and level-headed and is starkly aware of the repercussions of her actions and the actions of those around her.

While there is a limited amount of information you can derive from the battle scenes of the main storyline and the shady scenes in the background, there’s ample enough suspense to go around in this week’s jam-packed episode of Gangsta. We hear mentions of Delico and the striking resemblance he bears to his sister Erica who was one of the assassins that crashed the Bastard club. Props to Alex for staying in the midst of the fighting to protect Loretta. Gangsta Episode 9 (11)Even Worick stays out of the fray, opting to take a smoke on the roof as he fires a signal into the sky to call for back-up (i.e. the police and the Guild). We end up finding out that Nicolas’ A/0 tag is a fake. Galahad claims he’s a B/5 at most which makes him a pretty average man. Nicolas is revealed to be the kind of Twilight who overdoses on drugs in order to beat higher level Twilights, making him a faker of sorts. Wow, more reveals on Nic… and what is his connection to Erica?

AMAZING episode and the big twist appears when Alex’s younger brother appears with one of the mafia gang families… SERIOUSLY we need more episodes of Gangsta it is SOOOO much more amazing on screen!!!

– Cloudy

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