Rokka no Yusha Episode 9 Review + Rant

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

For a fan of the anime series who had no prior contact with the plot and its characters in the origina light novel, I felt really dragged along in Rokka no Yusha. Initially I thought slaying the Demon God was going to be a main event on the course of this series but after a bit of googling I realized the entire first chunk of the story (and this first season of Rokka no Yusha) focuses on the mystery of the Seventh (or Eighth) fake Brave.

Rokka no Yusha Episode 9 (14)While I admire the author for his innovative spin on the usual prophecy/fantasy/epic plot lines, the storytelling does get quite jumbled because there are twists upon twists and things just keep building up with no coherent end. It’s an entire stream of trickery, back stories, secret motivations and even more underlying motivations. I have heard however that the complex plot is quite solidly planned out so the light novel is quite worth reading. As well, the light novel will allow you to engage with the story at your own pace or back track to double check facts to better let your brain wrap around all the plot twists.

Rokka no Yusha Episode 9 (15)Episode nine of Rokka no Yusha is definitely one of the slower ones. Watching Adlet and Hans conclude their battle with Chamot was the highlight of the episode. Beyond that, we see a lot of Adlet’s introspection and follow his train of thought as he reasons out part of the Seventh Brave’s plan. Flamie begins to side with Adlet while Maura has wavered Hans’ trust in Adlet. Chamot is intent on his own plan to kill everyone except Maura and deal with the Demon God on his own while Nashetania suspects Hans is the Seventh and proceeds to convince Goldof of this. Nashetania seems like a completely naïve girl and it seems obvious she’d suspect Hans.

Rokka no Yusha Episode 9 (18)I LOVE Flamie’s voice actress. Aoi Yuuki does a STELLAR JOB of portraying Flamie’s calmness, her collectiveness and the unamused nuances in her speech patterns when she speaks with Adlet. Aoi Yuuki is mainly known as the voice of Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica but it’s absolutely jaw-dropping to see her switch modes from an innocent magic girl to a half-fiend half-human gunwoman.

Excited to see where the series is going to conclude at episode twelve.

– Cloudy

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