Charlotte Episode 9 and 10 Review

Episode 9 Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

WHOAAA this twist was absolute unforeseen… it starts out with Yu and Nao adorable rock concert date… It seems like Yu still gets pretty flustered around cute girls. Charlotte Episode 9 (3)It’s nice to see him resume some normal life style after the death of his sister. Zhiend is as amazing as expected of course but the interesting thing is that Yu’s “memories” of the past are brought to the forefront of his mind and he passes out in the middle of the concert When he snaps out of his trance, he finds himself confined to a facility where Yu and other teenagers with supernatural abilities are monitored and experimented on.

Yu ends up participating in a coup to escape the facility, during which we are finally introduced to Shunsuke, the eldest of the Otosaka siblings. Since Shunsuke has the ability to travel through time, he has the ability to change the future. Utterly. Yu is the strongest in the entire facility because of Charlotte Episode 9 (20)his ability to take over other people’s abilities by simply possessing them. He ends up taking a bunch of abilities to infiltrate his brother’s cell and free him so Shunsuke may create a better future for everyone.

The flashback inside the facility takes place as Yu’s dream when he’s unconscious in the hospital. Yu is approached by Kumagami/Pooh after he awakes. Yu and Nao are both taken to the underground safe house where Shunsuke resides. Interestingly enough, Shunsuke was also the one who arranged everything for Nao’s older brother.

Episode 10 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Episode ten picks up immediately at the beginning of Shunsuke’s time leap story where he’s returned to three years before the siblings are captured. He quickly reassembles his old group of friends. Everyone agrees to help Shunsuke plan for a better future. The group fails time and time again. Shunsuke ends up time leaping repeatedly, each time losing more of his sight in exchange for such an ability.Charlotte Episode 10 (7) Shunsuke slowly realizes that once he turns blind, he will no longer have the ability to time leap. In Shunsuke’s last time leap, he sets up Hoshinoumi academy in order to protect and monitor students with such abilities as well as similar institutions all over Japan. Wow, seriously this guy is amazing… is he for real? Shunsuke has friends erase Yu and Ayumi’s memories of Shunsuke so they may live on safely. The entire story comes full circle thereafter.

Shunsuke’s amazing plan doesn’t end there… He reveals to present day Yu that he has the ability to take the abilities of others (something Nao and the rest of student council new but Yu himself never knew). Yu takes Shunsuke’s time leap ability in order to save Ayumi from her destructive “collapse” powers. Yu does exactly that and strangely it moves smoothly enough all the way to the end of episode ten. Charlotte Episode 10 (24)It seems like Charlotte is cutting corner with time travel, life and death when there seem to be more real repercussions on the world, other human beings or characters but I suppose we simply don’t have enough time to delve into other options. There are virtually no complications with saving Ayumi but I suppose that’s a small task compared to Shunsuke’s “change the world” plan. It’s pretty great to see Yu play big brother and save his younger sister… even though he’s become a bit of a sis-con after this LOLLLL

Yu meets Kumagami outside Ayumi’s middle school. Both siblings are FINALLY reuniting with their eldest. Pretty good two episode all in all. Everything comes smoothly and beautifully full circle. Despite the shock of the initial twist, things worked out quite well. Charlotte Episode 10 (17)To be honest if you’ve watched Angel Beats you know the director has a tendency to throw in these little twists anyway. With Charlotte there was little to no confusion regarding the time leap which is both due to the great explanations, storytelling and pacing as well as the clarity and fluency of online subbers. Great team effort all around.

Now that Charlotte’s resolved all the horrible deaths, I wonder what else they’ve got to throw in our faces for the last three episodes… it seems like the story will no doubt slowdown in pace but it seems too early to make that call consider all we’ve seen in the last two episodes.

– Cloudy

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