Rokka no Yusha Episode 10 Review

Rating: 4/5 curious clouds  Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Adlet continues to try and convince the others of his innocence. He ends up professing his love for Flamie who utterly rejects (and tries to kill) him for it. I definitely didn’t expect Adlet to use an emotional angle to persuade Flamie onto his side. Rokka no Yusha Episode 10 (2)However genuine he feels has little to do with the actual story plot since Adlet is so driven towards his goal in defeating the fiends and demon god but the confession does give Adlet an in with Flamie who desperately wants to believe in something and someone.

Maura has become the impromptu leader, able to even control the fickle and bratty Chamot. She finally shows her power. As the Saint of Mountains she has a pretty expansive power. Maura announces to Nashetania and Goldof that Hans was fatally injured by Adlet, spurring Nashetania into action. Finally.

Rokka no Yusha Episode 10 (12)Hans begins to suspect that Maura is the seventh. Flamie continues to pursue Adlet. GEEZ Nashetania is an unstable person… completely dependent on her emotional highs and lows. Completely spontaneous and almost uncontrollable. When Maura arrives at Flamie’s location, both Braves begin to pursue Adlet but in the last second when Maura almost makes the kill, Flamie deters her attack and beckons him to flee. Adlet reveals that he can prove Flamie’s innocence by using a gas that activates to the presence of fiends. When Adlet sprayed the altar, there was no indication of contact with a fiend. As a result, Flamie could not possibly be the fake.

As Flamie and Adlet make their escape, Nashetania arrives at the scene in a cheerily sadistic mood. Completely prepared to kill Adlet. Not… good.

– Cloudy

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