Chaos Dragon Episode 10 and 11 Review

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Chaos Dragon built up the Red Dragon mystery for sooooooo many weeks and the big dramatic reveal for the reasons behind the Red Dragon’s entire rampage wasn’t as ground-shattering as I anticipated. Episode ten begins with a scattering of characters. Ibuki and Inori have disappeared from the main Red Dragon expedition while Ka Grava keeps a tentative neutral stance between the ever tense relations of Kouran and Donatia.

Chaos Dragon Episode 11 (16)With Ibuki out of the main diplomatic scene, Kouran and Donatia are both passive aggressively reaching towards their goals. Donatia’s ambassador, Swallow, wants to protect the children despite the political strife between the three countries while Kouran’s ambassador, Lou, wants to slay the Red Dragon. It is also revealed between peace talks that Agito has been manipulating both imperials of Nil Kamui. Agito was original Ibuki and Inori’s tutor but later slaughtered the family when he realized the siblings’ parents were going to surrender their independence for peace. Inori went mad when she realized Agito was the culprit and in her madness, she took over the Red Dragon and manipulated him to slaughter innocent civilians. All of this is slowly revealed on and off throughout the two episodes.

I’m quite intrigued with Swallow’s personality. I in no way can sympathize with what he’s gone through but he’s definitely an intriguing individual and the series doesn’t really get a chance to tease out the intricate details of his way of thinking. Meanwhile, Ulrika seems to admire Swallow so much that she’s willing to sacrifice herself in the name of his ideals and her faith in the Red Dragon expedition.

Chaos Dragon Episode 10 (15)Lou’s back story is also revealed, how she was charmed by the blade and became its owner and slave. More of Lou’s troublesome acts are revealed when she assaults Ulrika on the ship supposedly transporting the Red Dragon’s claw. Ulrika and Lou engage in battle. (Not sure how I feel about the classical music in the background that accompanies Lou’s fighting). Ulrika happens to have three Holy Spirits on her to protect her from death blows however Lou uses several golden dragon artifacts to shift the magic territory in Kouran’s favour. Ulrika is greatly weakened at this point there is barely a fight. Ulrika makes quick work of her.

Lou becomes alienated from all parties as her actions are slowly revealed among the displomatic talks of Kouran and Donatia. Though there is no solid evidence until the eleventh episode, Lou’s actions are blatantly obvious. Chaos Dragon Episode 10 (24)Swallow and Meryl meet the almighty Ling Mu of Kouran who warns Swallow to stay away from the Red Dragon. If any of the Black Knights slay the Red Dragon, the dragon’s powers will be absorbed by the Black Dragon thus dramatically tilting the power scales between Kouran and Donatia. Ling Mu goes so far as to tempt Swallow with the prospect of making Meryl an unbreakable/eternal existence so she may touch and stay with Swallow forever. Both Meryl and Swallow refuse.

Meanwhile, Lou heals and extends Eyha’s life for a few days with Kouran magic and the diplomats find out Ulrika has been murdered. Swallow learns that the revolutionary army is supporting Ibuki while the rebel army supports Inori to be king of Nil Kamui. Kouran agrees to support Ibuki as king and everyone begins to realize Inori’s acts behind the scenes. When Inori is attacked, the Red Dragon materializes from within her body and appears to protect her. Inori controls the Red Dragon while the Red Dragon offers her his divine protection.Chaos Dragon Episode 11 (9) Ibuki can no longer hear or command the Red Dragon since he’s fully controlled by Inori which leaves him utterly defenseless in battle. I have to admit, it’s a bit tiresome to see supporting characters constantly die around Ibuki. He hasn’t made any grand actions or decisions and he hasn’t been pushed to the brink. Everyone acts around him but all he does is flail about. When Inori is fighting Simeon of the Black Knights, Ibuki can’t do anything to stop Inori. Eyha arrives and uses the Song of a Bonded One against Inori. Everyone gears up for the final battle against Inori and the Red Dragon and we’ve FINALLY arrived at the chaotic scenes at the beginning prologue of the series.

Episode 10 Screenshots

Episode 11 Screenshots

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