Charlotte Episode 11 Review

Rating: 4/5 complacent clouds Crop_4 ComplacentCloudst

You gotta hand it to Charlotte… when it gets dark, it gets really REALLY dark… and quite quickly. This episode begins with a not so emotional reunion between the Otosaka siblings. The story expands its visions much farther beyond Japan and begins to delve into political/terrorist conflicts spurred as a result of these troublesome teens. Charlotte Episode 11 (16)Shunsuke introduces his younger siblings to the rest of the syndicate and facility. Scientists in the lab have discovered that the superpowers are caused by particles cast onto earth by a nearby comet named Charlotte. It’s explained that particles activate some part of the individual’s brain resulting in superpowers. Another instant took place four hundred years ago when people inhaled the particles and thus became witches. Shunsuke’s syndicate is in the process of developing a vaccine to eradicate superpowers once and for all.

When Kumagami is captured and tortured to reveal secrets about Shunsuke, the facility and other ability wielders, the entire syndicate is in a panic. The terrorists who kidnapped Kumagami were interested in Yu’s “plunder” abilities. Charlotte Episode 11 (23)When the academy’s residences are infiltrated and Tomori kidnapped, Yu has no choice but to meet the terrorists. Yu ends up being blinded in one eye and his “collapse” ability takes down the entire industrial building. Though the terrorists have been scared off, Kumagami ends up being impaled in several areas when he shields Tomori from projectiles. Shunsuke is utterly heartbroken at the death of his best friend. The terrorists, Yu and Tomori make it out alive. DAYUM It sucks that Kumagami had to die this way.

While Charlotte is definitely dark, it isn’t all that emotional. Other than the dramatic ways in which people are being injured and dying, I don’t feel myself sympathizing that much with any of the main characters. If anything, I’d sympathize with Shunsuke the most because he’d sacrificed the most for the syndicate and lost his best friend in the end. Yu, Ayumi and Tomori have been mostly sidetracked for these political events and I have no clue what kind of ending this series is aiming for. Charlotte Episode 11 (20)Yu’s going to feel horribly guilty for causing such a mess and Tomori was asleep for most of it. As well, Yu’s gone half blind while we don’t know how Shunsuke will react now that he’s witnessed the gravity and consequences of engaging with such terrorists.

ALSO We spent eleven episode waiting for it… and the name comes up in a thirty second conversation. Thanks director-san. Everything felt too rushed… Charlotte could have done really well with twenty-four episodes. We need A LOT more character development than what we’ve seen thus far, especially with supporting characters that have huge plot roles to play. I definitely see this weird pacing as a trademark of Yoshiyuki Asai’s directing style. Now the question remains is how he’s going to wrap this up because we actually got new plot in the third last episode of the anime. How. Just. How.

– Cloudy

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