Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 9-11 Review

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Episode nine shows us a super fun baking episode starting with Kirie who is making snacks for Komaru AND Umaru… seriously, I wonder if at any time throughout the series Kirie will find out her Teacher and idol are the exact same person… I haven’t gotten far enough into the manga but the anime is doing a great job arranging the scenes and themes together. Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 9 (20)While Umaru is out, Kirie ends up spending a few awkward hours with Taihei at the apartment but surprisingly enough she warms up to him a bit. Episode nine ends on a weird note with a HELLA AWESOME phoenix wright parody when the Doma siblings attempt to solve the case of the missing pudding.

Surprisingly, it’s not the comedy but the sweet and warm sibling moments between Umaru and Taihei that I look forward to the most in the series. As much as they bicker, they’re always there for each other and Umaru’s even eager to look after her older brother when he falls ill (even though she initially wants to play tricks on him). Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 9 (22)Umaru’s a really kind girl. Her indoor Himouto self didn’t develop because she dislikes people (as I initially thought) but because she just doesn’t want to deal with the judgment that otaku usually get from non-otaku. She’s quite thoughtful to friends and classmates and absolutely adorable when she panics over her brother. For instance, we see Umaru visit a manga café at the end of episode ten and as much as she enjoys the privacy and seclusion of the little cubicles, she enjoys the coziness of her house and the presence of family even more. The cute flashback to Taihei’s high school days were too cute. Baby Umaru is even cuter than chibi Umaru.

Episode eleven jumps a bit around. It begins with a visit from Umaru’s best friend. She brings over some rice that her parents have mailed her from Akita. We jump from Umaru, Taihei and Ebina’s home-cooked Japanese lunch to Taihei’s company meeting and Umaru’s discussion with her inner Umarus regarding what snack to purchase for Taihei as a consolation to his (supposed) failed meeting. When Taihei’s business proposal passes, all the Umarus are rather surprised. Later, the cute trio head out for parfaits and desserts. It never ceases to surprise me how the story shifts to Ebina’s perspective when she visits the Doma siblings. We only get rare single lines of UmaruHimouto! Umaru-chan Episode 11 (33)’s thoughts and most of the storytelling focuses on Ebina’s perception of her best friend and all her awkwardness.

I do think my latest favourite moment is when Taihei recounts his opening monologue of his perfect yet Himouto younger sister. Though she has such polarizing elements to her personality, she’s one of a kind and as much as Taihei complains on a regular basis, he wouldn’t change anything about his adorable little sister.

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