Rokka no Yusha Episode 12 Recap and Review

Rating: ­4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Just as the group turns on Maura, Chamot and Hans reveal a set of spare tools to activate the barrier of fog around the forest. One tablet is a replica of the one on the alter while the other contains instructions on how to reactivate the barrier. Hans explains that you can easily repeat the process after destroying the original tablet. Rokka no Yusha Episode 12 (9)The real mystery is who broke the original tablet and the guilty spotlight shines onto Nashetania. The bunny princess owns up to being the Seventh and everyone is utterly shocked that Nashetania conspired against them. Nashetania is actually a pacifist who wants humans, fiends and the Demon God to live in harmony… not like killing the Six Braves would help cause she’s got some twisted logic there as she claims to love humans and fiends equally. She’s willing to achieve world peace in the the slaughter of five hundred thousand lives. When the Braves attack Nashetania she disappears using a fiend technique…

Rokka no Yusha Episode 12 (17)The Adlet and Flamie ship weirds me out… they look like too strange a couple but Flamie is really a sweet girl on the inside, she’s just a victim of her circumstances. It is nice to see a more bashful side to her when she’s around Adlet. Since the story is told from Adlet’s perspective, when he passes out, we also fast forward to when he wakens in the temple. Though Nashetania escaped, she did break the barrier and everyone has safely regrouped. Maura apologizes to Adlet and thanks him too; seems like the team is finally warming up to each other. Goldof is the one who is taking the Princess’s betrayal the hardest.

Towards the end of the episode, Rolonia Manchetta, the Saint of Blood is introduced to the show and reveals herself to be another Brave. OHMIGOD WHAT EVEN IS THIS SUDDEN PLOT DEVELOPMENT. MUST. READ. THE LIGHT NOVEL!!!!! When the seven braves assemble again, the fiends begin to converge in the forest. Rokka no Yusha Episode 12 (19)The Braves start to bicker again and the distrust continues. Adlet takes charge since he’s the only one they know for sure isn’t the Seventh. Things heat up again before they can even die down. This epic story is only just beginning and season one does a fantastic job of settling up the beginning of the anime adaptation. Though the first mystery of the Seventh Brave drags out wayyyyyy too long, the first season wraps up nicely and leaves the viewer in suspense. One can only wonder how many times this “Seventh Brave” concept is going to be re-used and twisted into the plot. Again, I highly recommend everyone to read the light novel, I’ve seen really great things from fans on forum and more detailed explanations are offered in light of plot reveals. Overall though, Rokka no Yusha was definitely one of my favourites in the summer season.

– Cloudy

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