K: Return of Kings Episode 1 Impressions

K Project Return of KingsUGHHHHH ALL MY FEELS FOR K PROJECT AND NOW ITS BACK TnT …The music, the art style, the characters, love it all…

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

K: Return of Kings doesn’t hesitate at all to play with your emotions as soon as it opens. There is so much going on that we don’t evne have to time showcase an opening sequence. It begins with a time skip back to when Mikoto Suoh was still the Red King and we see a showdown between the Reds and Blues in the heart of the city. We know this is a flashback to waaaaayyyyy before the events of season one because Tatara Totsuka is still alive.

In these dynamic and stunningly animated opening scenes we get a sense of the power struggle between the Reds and Blues right off the get go. For anyone new to the series or anyone who hasn’t encountered the series in a while, it’s a good reminder of the atmosphere of the beginning. We also see Fushimi and Misaki go at it as they fly and weave through the buildings and streets. It’s nice to see both of the characters get solid signature weapons this time, yu can only fight so far with a skateboard Misaki… Izumo also goes head to head with Seri Awashima OMG I ship them so badly… not only that, there is a solid cast of supporting characters and familiar faces that pair up and fight against each other in the fray. I LOVE TATARA AND ANNA INTERACTIONS and it’s so upsetting that all of this only exists in the prologue scenes of the opening. *SIGHHHHH BIGGGGGG SIGHHHHHH*

When all the fighting dies down we return to present day Tokyo where someone is launching a mission… or rather, an explosion against Kuro and Neko to apparently earn points for something. Details of the explosion reach Scepter 4 and investigations begin. Interestingly enough, we’re introduced to the Green Clan, who operate on power and rank based on the number of points they earn from missions delegated by their King. The Green Clan or JUNGLE garners a pretty large following utilizing underground internet forums to spread their missions. By the end of the episode the Reds get involved when Mikoto’s death is publicly slandered; both clans and their Kings are lured to the same building.


Towards the end of the episode it’s visually hinted that Munakata’s state as Blue King is also deteriorating as bits and pieces begin to break from the Sword of Damocles. But I CAN’T WAIT TO SEEE MORE ANNA!!!!!! Somehow I feel like Munakata has a soft spot for Anna now because she’s almost Mikoto’s little sister. Can’t wait to see Neko and Kuro dig Shiro out of his hiding spot too cause they seem pretty darn determined. Lots of great things from K’s season two this fall!K Return of Kings Episode 1 (36)

– Cloudy

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