Diabolik Lovers More Blood Episode 1 Impressions

Diabolik Lovers More BloodRating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

It’s always so difficult to write first impressions about an episode that’s only ten to twelve minutes long every week. We return to Yui Komori once again, the oh-so-adorable and oh so defenseless heroine in this reverse harem sadistic vampire set up. Rather than re-hash her relationships with each of the Sakamaki brothers, season two of Diabolik Lovers has decided to introduce a new set of vampires into Yui’s life. It begins with a few lines about vengeance before we cue the catchy new opening. Then we quickly default to Yui’s perspective where she has a dream about an apple tree, repetitively hearing herself called “Eve” by a voice. Naturally she’s become the object of interest to other vampires after she herself finds herself in an interesting state (whether she’s a vampire or still human is a mystery in the premise).

On the way to school, the limousine crashes and the Sakamaki brothers (along with Yui) find themselves in an accident instigated by another group of vampires. They come face to face with four new characters of the Mukami clan who have indirectly hinted war against the Sakamaki purebloods. They recognize Yui as the “New Eve” – now whatever that means will be revealed later on.

Season two of Diabolik Lovers is pretty similar to that of the first with Yui, the heroine, as the center of attention as in all reverse harem situations. I will give credit for animators with their gorgeous and unique character designs. There are tons of Diabolik Lovers game spin offs and the characters are all beautifully distinct from one another. Yui herself is also quite beautiful (when she’s not a scared kitten) and the colouring and artistic direction is also quite befitting of the atmosphere of the story. The music is also selected immensely well with the use of violin strings prominent in the climactic scenes of the short episode. Hopefully season two will show better storytelling than the shallow jumble of plot ends we got in the first.Diabolik Lovers More Blood Episode 1 (4)

– Cloudy

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