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Hi, nice to meet you!!

If you’re here, you might be a little bit lost around here but have no fear, this new page is here to help guide you through this blog! Below you’ll find a rundown of where everything is generally located and categorized on the blog. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or Tweet my @CuriousCloudy for more info. The blog is separated into Pages and Categories. Up here, the headings are pages of general info,  updates and master lists of anime and manga. Seasonal weekly anime series recaps and reviews are all listed in the Categories to your right. Along with this long list of anime series titles, you might find a few special categories because while this blog mainly focuses on anime, there’s a ton of hidden multi-fandom features and a whole lot of photography!!

Cloudy Around the World- Includes travel vlogs, reviews and travel photography.

Cloudy’s Convention Adventures Here you will find a chronological timeline of all my convention vlogs and hauls. For a master list of conventions, please refer to Convention Photography and Features under the Behind the Lens page

Hauls and Out of the BoxPretty self-explanatory; for all my merchandise posts

Light Otaku Living and Rants I rant about any topics, questions or ideas circulating the anime industry, forums and fandoms

Little Lenses- Special figure photo shoots and the occasional photography rant

Music Musings A category for music rants, anything in the music world that interests me.

Otome A category with blog posts focused on girl games in the Japanese video game world.

Seiyuu Love- A small category I started for my obsession with Japanese voice actors and actresses.

Song Lyrics- For Cpop, Mandopop, Jpop or Kpop music that I’ve transliterated and translated.

Television and Film Reviews, recaps or features on  anything in this topic.

**All other titles under Categories are anime/manga/drama series names OR self-explanatory titles.**

I hope you found this useful and will enjoy your stay here at Little Cloud Curiosity 🙂

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