Free! Episode 12 and Final Thoughts

A very good ending to a very good show, to say the least. What started out as an awful lot of fanservice has evolved into a thoughtful storyline very worthy of its place in the slice-of-life and sports category. Rating: … Continue reading

Free! Episode 11 Review

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds  Took me a while to get to this episode but I’m really happy how it turned out. Many of the slice-of-life elements pile up in this episode making for less action but a lot more touchy-feely … Continue reading

Free! Episode 10 Review

Some of you guys might know this, some of you might not, but Free! is only 12 episodes long and the story is going to be ending in two more weeks. At this point, I’m really wondering how they’re going … Continue reading

Free! Episode 9 Review

AND THE IWATOBI SWIM CLUB MAKES IT TO THE REGIONALS!! Rin’s expression when the rest of his old friends are swimming… the feels. I’m absolutely certain that Rin’s butterfly stroke is much more amazing than Rei’s. Rating: 4/5 curiously excited … Continue reading

Free! Episode 8 Review

The entirety of this episode takes place during the prefectural swim tournament. If the Iwatobi Swim Club can set good times, they can qualify for the regional tournament. However, with Haru’s shocking loss against Rin in their first race, the … Continue reading

Free! Episode 7 Review

This week’s episode starts off 5 days before the prefectural tournament and we speed through the last days through a few snippets of events focusing on each of the characters. Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds  We get a bit more … Continue reading

Free! Episode 6 Review

I really enjoyed this week’s episode of Free! It had a bit of everything, drama, laughter, touching friendship. I couldn’t help but photoshop the last shots of the boys together because they’re such lovable characters!! Now without further ado, let’s … Continue reading

Free! Episode 5 Review

Have you guys missed free? Ii totally did! This episode was mainly focused on the Iwatobi Swim Club’s training for the provincial tournament. Kou is prepared to drill the boys to push them to new levels of strength and stamina. … Continue reading

Free! Episode 4 Review

Hmm… Which swimsuit are you going to wear today Haru-chan? The episode starts off with Haru’s collection of weekly swimwear… After all, today’s the big day. It’s finally warm enough to swim! When the swim club meets, Kou brings up … Continue reading

Free! Episode 3 Review

WHO’S READY TO SCREAM FOR FREE?!?!?!? This episode starts off with Haru getting sick from swimming in the pool in April. Nagisa and Mako are getting excited about the upcoming relay race. Since there are only three of them, they … Continue reading