Re_Hamatora Episode 1 and 2 Impressions

Episode 1 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds  I honestly do not know what to say about the first episode of Hamatora Season 2. It was pulling everyone’s legs with the grief and the sadness and Nice being dead even though it … Continue reading

Hamatora Full Series Review & Final Thoughts

This week we are finishing a lot of the winter 2014 anime series, one of which I’ve been following but not reviewing episode per episode is Hamatora. I got into Hamatora through a follower’s suggestion and the poll results and … Continue reading

Hamatora Episode 1 Impressions

Hey everyone, today I’m writing my first impressions for another winter 2014 anime series called Hamatora. Special shout out to one of my followers, Cassandra for suggesting this in a comment because I’m so glad you did. Although I’m not … Continue reading