Nisekoi Episode 20 Recap & Finale Review

Last Episode Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds  Recap I love the moment when Raku sees Chitoge step out in her Juliet costume. The play begins and Chitoge is amazing as Juliet for an understudy. It doesn’t turn out as romantic and … Continue reading

Nisekoi Episode 19 Review

This week, the rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet in Nisekoi begin with Onodera as Juliet, Raku as Romeo and… Marika as the understudy. And she gets WAY too into the role. Raku is still totally confused as to why Chitoge … Continue reading

Nisekoi Full ED 2- Recover Decoration Full Lyrics + Translation

Hey guys, today I wanted to share with you all the fully transcribed Romanji and English translated lyrics of the full second ending song from Nisekoi which started in the winter anime season and is finishing soon in a few … Continue reading

Nisekoi Episode 18 Review

Our Nisekoi gang heads to the beach for a funfilled episode of summer sparkles and blatant fan service. Did someone say harem girl swimsuit transformation? I think so. The fan service intensifies with Marika’s shameless groping hahahaha. And no. for … Continue reading

Nisekoi Episode 17 Review

Raku and his yakuza buddies are working a stand at the festival. When Raku steps out for a break, he bumps into Chitoge. He gets takoyaki for Chitoge and it turns out that the yakuza have a crap ton of … Continue reading

Nisekoi Episode 15 and 16 Review

Episode 15 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds  Love the new opening song! “Step” by ClariS!! Episode 15 really focuses on Marika’s back story with Raku and she’ll definitely endear herself to many Nisekoi fans because of how sweet and devoted she … Continue reading

Nisekoi Episode 13 and 14 Review

After a crazy two weeks of new spring anime episode impressions, we are back with Nisekoi today. Although I found time for Nisekoi when episode 13 was released, I felt that it would be better to group both 13 and … Continue reading

Nisekoi Episode 10 Review

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds  Episode 10 of Nisekoi picks up immediately the day after Raku and Chitoge’s hot springs incident. Chitoge’s attitude towards Raku seems to be mellowing up – either because of the fact that she’s fallen into some … Continue reading

Nisekoi Episode 9 Review

LE LOLLLLLLLL FUNNIEST EPISODE EVER. Chitoge’s set on finding out the promise behind the key but it just so happens that this Saturday is the “open-air school field trip, as a result, she’s yanked onto the bus with everyone else. … Continue reading

Nisekoi Episode 6 Rant & Review

Hey guys, I’ve been a little bit behind on this week’s anime. I did say I was trying to catch up but university work is really stressing me out and midterms are coming up. Nisekoi was a really great de-stresser. … Continue reading