My Top 10 Favourite Anime Openings & Endings

Hey guys, today I’m doing a long overdue post on my favourite openings and endings in the anime world. Honestly it was SO HARD picking ten for the list because there are so many amazing songs out there.

10) Angel Beats Opening – My Soul Your Beats (LiA)

Top 10 OPs and EDs (3)“I felt like I heard it because I felt like I sensed it. Just now, in my heart that’s begun to tremble…”

Angel Beats starts off the list. I have never ever missed an opening of Angel Beats for the entirety of the series nor the second time I rewatched the series to review. I love the concept of Kanade’s name and Tenshi title alluding to the beats of the song. The song goes splendidly with the themes in the story and bring back the feels of the finale. My Soul Your Beats is on almost every top anime song playlist out there and it wouldn’t be an anime playlist without it.

9) Luminous – Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie Opening (ClariS)

Top 10 OPs and EDs (4)“The things I would dream of when I was young are still far away, but when you’re here I feel I’m a little stronger…”

When I first heard Luminous in the theatres I was almost jumping out of my seat because it is just so amazing. It encompasses both the emotions of the story and the thrill and excitement of magical girls. ClariS is disbanding right now because one of the members are taking time off to pursue her studies. I am going to miss Clara and Alice so much! It was really hard to pick one ClariS song on my list this would definitely be the one for me.

8) Hoshizora no Watlz – Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Ending (Kuribayashi Minami)

Top 10 OPs and EDs (12)“There is only one dream I see in the night sky. I want to become your star someday…”

To be honest I have only ever seen one episode of the series and it’s outside my usual genre because the series has a lot of bishoujo drama and tragedy for guys because it is based on a romance visual novel. However, the ending song is absolutely beautiful and I stumbled upon it many years ago when I was still a light anime fan. Now even when new seasons generate new openings and endings, Hoshizora no Waltz remains one of my all time favourites.

7) Sekai de Ichiban Koi Shiteru – Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Opening 1 (Shuuhei Kita)

Top 10 OPs and EDs (9)“I’m in love with you, the greatest person in the world. At the tick of every second, I like you more and more…”

Okay so maybe this one’s a really personal pick because it’s my favourite yaoi series opening but it is just SO CATCHY and it does a great job introducing the story and its characters. It goes through each of the main couples and supporting characters as the scenes pan from one office to the other. The song was written to go hand-in-hand with the premise of the series story. Also, there are so many sparkles, flowers, hearts, bunnies and flower petals in this opening, it’s the ultimate shojo fluff opening and the series is definitely one of my guilty pleasure songs.

6) Bokura wa Ima no Naka de – Love Live Opening 1 (Muse)

Top 10 OPs and EDs (5)“If we try our hardest, with all those things we love, we’ll reach a new goal. If we’re able to believe in all those things we love, we’ll move forward on this heart-throbbing path!”

Let all your idol dreams come true in this opening. I fell in love with it when I watched Love Live. I learned all the lyrics, I’ve seen the voice actresses perform the song live and I have learned all t he dance moves to go with it. I love how it brings out all the feelings and insecurities and confidence of the idols and it’s just a really fun and upbeat song to listen to when you need to give yourself a positive boost.

5) Starlog – Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Opening (Choucho)

Top 10 OPs and EDs (6)“The star brightens up the darkness and night of the changing world. It’s telling me to fly into the guiding sky… For the promises we exchanged that day. I believe.”

This song is probably the newest and most recent on one the list. It came out with the new Fate series depicting Illyasviel von Einzbern as a magic girl. I loved the driving beats of the song and ChouCho’s vocals are just perfect along with the dreamy atmosphere of the song. The lyrics speak of the courage it takes to become a magical girl and paints a really vivid starry sky in your mind.

4) Uta no Prince-sama 1000% Ending – Maji Love 1000% (STARISH)

Top 10 OPs and EDs (10)“DOKI DOKI de kowaresou 1000%* LOVE HEY!!)

Uwaaaaaaa It would not be a favourites list with something by STARISH – the seiyuu singing group formed from the Uta no Prince-sama otome games and anime. The band is named STARISH after taking the first character of either first or last name from each of the characters. Syo, Tokiya, Aijima, Ren, Ittoki, Shinomiya and Hijirikawa all voiced by a group of wonderfully talented seiyuus. Mamoru Miyano among them is my favourite. Maji Love 1000% is STARISH’s debut song and every UtaPri fan who knows it knows it’s the ultimate UtaPri song.

3) Gundam Seed Destiny Opening 2 – Pride (Sung by High & Mighty)

Top 10 OPs and EDs (1)“The fleetingly scattered light wakes us up now. The sadness makes a sound and disappears from that place…”

This was the very first Gundam opening and song I ever watched and listened to. I love how the slow scenes introduce all the different couples and main characters before throwing us into the main mecha action. This is mainly one of my Gundam favourites because the lyrics are so poetic and really reflect a lot of the characters’ internal emotional and mental struggles as they contemplate the true meanings of war, power and true peace throughout the story.

2) Fate/Zero Ending 2 – Sora wa Takaku Kaze wo Utau (Haruna Luna)

Top 10 OPs and EDs (7)“Why is the sky so blue like it does not know any sadness? It keeps crumbling towards tomorrow without hesitation…”

Fate/Zero is one of my favourite anime series out there. I absolutely loved it and it was ten times better than the original Fate/Stay Night. I love the lyrics and the chord progression of the song because it perfectly goes with the atmosphere of the story and sentiment of the characters. Haruna Luna has a really clear and strong voice to bring out the emotion behind the lyrics and it’s all accompanied with a collection of visuals featuring Kiritsugu Emiya and Irisviel.

1) Clannad~After Story Opening – Toki wo Kizamu Uta (LiA)

Top 10 OPs and EDs (2)“You were the one… You were the one who I loved. My eyes start to water from the wind and you become a distant figure…”

One of the best openings in anime in in my opinion. When I heard this in the first episode of After Story, it was like taking a breath of fresh air back in the anime world I loved so much. The opening is a rush of bright lights and as the scenes pan through the city and introduce the different characters, you just get the feeling that there is something magical about Clannad. The opening of After Story is SO nostalgic and you get feels just from watching it.

Honourable Mention (technically #11)

Uta no Prince-Sama 1000% Opening – Orpheus (Mamoru Miyano)  [I couldn’t fit ten in the end and it ended up being eleven so this is sort of my way of cheating around the top 10 list… what? there are too many good songs to choose from >.< the list actually started off as a top 5 list and top 5 was even harder.]

Top 10 OPs and EDs (8)“Sing your song. Even when we’re apart we can understand. “Hear my wind. There is only one sky that connects us two…”

Orpheus is a really beautiful and powerful song about music and love. It’s sung by my all-time favourite singer and seiyuu Mamoru Miyano. If you’ve ever seen Mamo perform the song on stage, he is absolutely phenomenal with it. There’s something really mysterious and poetic about the lyrics that I can’t really explain. It’s one of those songs that keep growing on you the more you listen to it.

So there you have it, my top 10 favourite openings and endings. I know I left out a bunch of really great songs in general. Here’s an extra list of other openings and endings I really love.

Shingeki no Kyojin Opening 1 – Guren no Yumiya (Linked Horizon)

– Shingeki no Kyojin Ending – Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai (Yoko HIkasa)

No Game No Life Opening 1 – This Game (Konomia Suzuki)

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – Rising Hope (LiSA)

Brothers Conflict – 14 to 1 (Asahina Brothers)

Karneval Opening – Henai no Rondo (GRANRODEO)

Kyoukai no Kanata Ending – Daisy (Stereo Drive Foundation)

I hope you guys found something interesting to listen to from this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it cause I had a lot of fun writing it. Let me know what your favourites are in the comments or link me to your video or post on your blog, I’m always looking for new music to listen to! ^_^

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Wesley Woo’s Debut Album, Do-Re-Mi Review

do re mi coverHey guys, today I wanted to introduce one of my new favourite up and coming artists – Wesley Woo. His new album is being released on April 4th. If you guys are into chill acoustic, light country pop music, you will really enjoy Wesley’s artistic style. Initially I wanted to do an overall review but each song was so unique in itself which was why I felt so inclined to do a track by track look at the album.

Have a listen at Soundcloud here

Fall Again (Do Re Mi)- A really great started to the track list. As the opening song to the album, it sets the laid back tone of the entire album. “Fall again” is about the stumbling steps that one takes in whatever new endeavours. There is a feeling of discovery from the overall atmosphere set by the song which prompts you deeper into the album.

Stay- “She said I gotta dig deep and then look around. It’s time you found what you’re looking for.” One of my favourite songs on the album, there is something really nostalgic and soothing yet hopeful tone to the melody and the lyrics are catchy as well. It’s a bit about finding yourself and your home with someone special. Check out the music video here

The Truth Is- As we move into the middle of the album, consistency is key, and I think “The Truth is” really holds up to the tone of the album thus far. This one was more or less a transition song for me. I wasn’t a super big fan of it but I’m sure the beat will be really catchy for some of you (especially the base).

Lost In You- A really sweet love song in general. This one really jumped out at me because they really showcase Wesley’s vocal abilities in the highs and lows of the melody.


Read Between Your Rhyme- This song is cleverly positioned in the middle to tone things down in the after quite a few moderate to fast paced songs. It’s a really great duet ballad and I thought the concept of the lyrics was really quite

Around and Around- This is definitely my favourite song on the album. I just kept replaying it again and again because the melody kept going round and round and round in my mind. It’s a song about a guy who can’t figure out how to get a girl out of his head and it’s pretty relatable to any and all of us who have ever been in love.

Live. Laugh. Love- Another one of the slower songs of the album but if you listen carefully to the lyrics, everything you really need to know and all the emotion is in there. It’s one of those songs you turn to when you’re looking for a moment of peace.

Fate to Make- This song really goes into reinforces Wesley’s country music flair. I wasn’t a big fan of the arrangement of sounds just because it was very country-styled but I did find that Wesley’s voice was a smooth contrast to the sharp fiddle sounds which was an interesting blend.

Half Past Fine- This was a really great ending song. I really loved Wesley’s vocals in this song and it wraps up the album in a way that sets a solid tone for the album as a whole.

Usually one of my biggest issues with songs that have really similar acoustic palettes is the rehash of the same things over and over but I found each of these songs quite unique from one another. After having heard the album once or twice, I could clearly differentiate one song from the other either. The songs all have lyrics concepts unique in themselves which I found very refreshing.

The details of Wesley’s debut concert are all here. Definitely check him out if you guys are looking for some acoustic music to move you into the coming spring.

CD Release PosterEvent Description:
“After two years of recording, planning, and scheming, Wesley’s first record “Do Re Mi” is finally finished! 11th Ave Records is  honored to host the CD release show April 4th at one of San Francisco’s best venues in town, The Lost Church!
Wesley’s new album follows up on his recent growth of momentum in 2013 after winning multiple songwriting awards, including Best Song of the Year by the West Coast Songwriters SF chapter, The Woodshed Sessions at Keith Holland Guitars, and was included as finalist in the Oaktown Music Festival.  The release of Wesley’s debut record “Do Re Mi” with 11th Ave Records this April will be followed up by a California tour in May as well.
 Opening the night will be Tommy P. and MJ Lee., supported by the fantastic 11th Ave Rhythm Section (AKA Rei Otsuka and Miguel Becerra).”

Special shout out to 11th Avenue Records for reaching out to me about this new album. 

If you guys want to check out more about Wesley Woo, click here.

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Uta no Prince-Sama Genkidan Shining Album Trilogy Review and Download

Hey girls, I have a real treat for you otome lovers today. I haven’t done an otome post in a while but I am super excited for today’s review. If you follow all the Uta no Prince-sama album releases on the side, you’ve probably heard somewhere by someone or on some page that there have been three new song albums released. Our boys were split up into three different groups and each song follows its own unique story. Each of the UtaPri characters are given their own unique names to go along with the story of the song. If you’re interested in my thoughts on the songs, read on. If not, feel free to scroll down for the download link of all three.

Masquerade MirageThe first song was released on Christmas Day. Masquerade Mirage was a great way to kick off the album trilogy. It’s sung by Reiji Kotobuki (Showtaro Morikubo), Ai Mikaze (Shouta Aoi) and Natsuki Shinomiya (Kishou Taniyama from GranRodeo which is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING). Because the theme is masquerade, there was a very Phantom of the Opera-esque feel to the entire song. The story paints a fantasy, dreamlike magic masquerade ball and the lyrics definitely echo that sentiment. I thought the voices were really well paired. Taniyama’s deep driving voice was a great balance to Aoi’s softer tones and Morikubo just rounded out the middles in-between. The harmonys were so well blended.

Tenka Muteki no Shinobi-douThe second song released in January was Tenka Muteki no Shinobi-dou sung by Otoya Ittoki (Takuma Terashima), Cecil Aijima (Kousuke Toriumi), Masato Hijirakawa (Kenichi Suzumura) and Syo Kurusu (Hiro Shimono). The title literally means The Way of the Invinisible Shinobi and the story follows Otoya and Cecil who were ordered to assassinate a princess that Masato and Syo are guarding. It’s like ninja style otome. I found the song SO CATCHY when I first got it and I was literally listening to it during my lecture when I first downloaded it cause I couldn’t wait. There’s a really strong driving pace in the song that makes it super addictive. I absolutely LOVE Kenichi Suzumura’s voice in this song. He’s definitely improved as a singer and I would really love to see him cover the song on his own. Suzumura sounded SO GOOD. Terashima and Shimono also kept up to the standard and pitch as expected from their character’s voice styles. The only slight problem I had with the song was Toriumi’s voice. I found it a tad too soft and quiet for the powerful mood of the song.

Joker TrapThe last song, finally released last week, and probably the most highly anticipated amongst UtaPri fangirls showcased voices from four of the smexiest characters of the games/anime. Sung by Tokiya Ichinose (Mamoru Miyano), Ren Jinguji (Junichi Suwabe), Camus (Tomoaki Maeno) and Ranmaru Kurosaki (Tatsuhisa Suzuki), it was an absolutely perfect combination of personalities with the story. Joker Trap sets a darker espionage setting alluding to the suits of the cards – Spades for Camus, Hearts for Ren (of course), Clubs for Ranmaru and Diamonds for Tokiya. I just loved the flashy sounds in the song and you just feel as if you’ve stepped into a 1950s spy novel. Joker Trap has to be my favourite of all three not only because three of my favourite voice actors are in it and Mamo is my favourite favourite voice actor of all time ❤

Here is the download link:

Overall, I applaud the producers for this super unique Theatrical Troupe concept and I hope that future UtaPri songs will be somewhat similarly inspired. I hope you girls liked this post. I can’t wait for UtaPri 3000% to come out next year with all new merchandise and group songs and character songs.  Let me know which song you liked most and what character is your favourite. If you would like to read more from me, bookmark or follow me here and I will talk to you all soon!

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Boxing Day Goodie: DNA Headphones by Monster Thoughts and the Headphones Rant

20131226_220028bI don’t write a lot of music posts here on LCC but occasionally when I review an album, I definitely go through the first listen with good quality over the ear headphones. I have a bad habit of switching headphone quite a bit. When I find a pair that has better bass or crisper sound or even a better design on top of sound quality, I’ll ditch my old pair for new ones. As I’ve grown up, I’ve gone from regular earbuds to in-ear earbuds with better noise cancelling capabilities and slowly but surely I made my way to the larger over ear noise cancelling big boys. I went through a few brands, borrowing some from friends and testing out others in stores – I even bought a Skullcandy pair at one point and still I wasn’t happy with the sound quality… I either want really intense bass booming away into my ears or an overall balanced. Headphones that have super crisp sounds with emphases on the highs and none on the lows make my ears hurt after a while. Not to mention the physical design of some headphones. I’m sure you probably know what I mean with the red hot ears…

My latest favourite were the Panasonic RP-HXD3W in red (really it’s more of a magenta) that I picked up while I was in Hong Kong last year when they were around full retail price of $60-$70 Canadian dollars after conversion. They were a stylish design in my favourite colour, I got to test them out in the store beforehand and they were a reasonable price affordable with my well-saved up birthday moneys. I still love them even after I got my new Monster DNA pair just because I like how the bass is tweaked. I have to admit, however, that in terms of overall music quality, clearness of sound, packaging and accessories, the DNAs wins hands down. I guess when it comes down to headphones, it’s all down to preference. Maybe you have seven pairs of big headphones, one for every day and mood of the week. It’s all down to what you like and who cares if someone tells you that they’re overrated or overpriced (even though it’s true with some of the Dr. Dre Beats). I’m not a super pro tech-savvy audiophile but I’ve grown up with this interest in headphones and my ears are classically musically trained so there are some things I would probably pick up from the sound quality that a regular consumer with no music history may not. So now after that long winded introduction, let’s get into my review on the Monster DNA headphones.

First of all, I don’t usually splurge on electronics, I’m the type to line up at five in the morning on boxing day if I can get a laptop for like two to three hundred dollars when there are only like twenty in the store so I never really contemplated getting high-end headphones like the Monsters or even Dr.Dre now that they’ve separated into separate companies. I would take the opportunity to try on the Beats in the store but buying them was and will always be way out of my price range. Also, the Beats aren’t my style, I don’t listen to rap nor techno pounding music so a pair the Monster DNA is really better suited for me.

The DNA is not only a really sleek and stylish fashion statement, sporting triangular over ear cans, but they come in several colours plus customizable extras (for a price of course) so they’re all very tailored to the culturally hip consumers that want to keep up with trends. Personally, I wouldn’t having a stylish look after the  mind wearing plain black head phones as long as they had a really great sound to them but having the DNA pair in a teal and white are a bonus for me. I picked up my pair for $99 dollars during the crazy Boxing Day sale at Best Buy and though I wandered the store contemplating the frugality of my purchase, eventually I went home and took them out of the box.

The packaging is nicely designed, when you open it up, everything’s fitted nicely in boxes to compliment the headphones in the middle of your box. The whole package comes with the headphones, two pairs of cables, a cleaning cloth and a pretty durable waterproof soft case. I expected a hard case initially but after checking out some of the online reviews. There is such a three dimensionally balanced and rounded sound. Now, I mainly listen to Japanese or Chinese pop, often rock pop and sometimes mainstream pop or classical music so the DNAs are great for me.  I love high quality sound systems and headphones but I’m not such an intensive anglophile that I’m going to slam the DNA because of some distortion I hear. It bothers me in some songs that I’ve downloaded but when paired with music that I’ve ripped from official CDs that I’ve purchased, there’s less fuzz. The coolest thing about these headphones is the fact that they have two different ports for your headphones so you can have your preference for where the headphone cable is. As well, due to the dual headphone ports you can share music by linking a miscellaneous pair of headphones or if all your friends have DNAs you can make a circle of music. Pretty cool right?


I am overall really pleased with these headphones, they are the most comfortable ones I’ve ever tried but of course, I’m not a pro headphone reviewer but your music-lover consumer so these are just my thoughts. If you’ve read the rant up till the end, thanks for sticking with me. I just write and spew thoughts when I rant so there isn’t as much organization to it. Hopefully something above helped you with your headphone purchase decisions!

– Cloudy

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Kill La Kill Official Soundtrack Review

CoverCall me crazy, but I decided to listen the newly released Kill La Kill soundtrack right before bed… yeah, that’s my idea of relaxing, and, damn. It’s quite an interesting and diverse soundtrack. The style of music reminds me of western hard rock more than your classic Japanese bubble pop. But then again, Kill La Kill’s not your average anime. Don’t know about some of those song titles though but still, the soundtrack release is a pretty great Christmas present for us fans right?

I know I said I wouldn’t really blog since it’s Christmas but apparently I can’t stay away from LCC too long. The most I’ve ever gone is four days I think and it feels like an eternity between blog posts for me. I think I might have separation anxiety with my blog… but anyway, let’s get on with this soundtrack review.

Let’s start with the cover… I didn’t expect them to choose the arena as the dominating cover. I expected Ryuko in her Kamui or at least a showdown photo of Ryuko versus Satsuki but I think choosing the Honnouji Academy arena was a clever choice for the art. The aerial view of the whole thing just makes it all the more dynamic.

You’re definitely getting a lot of your favourite tracks from the anime, whether it’s fighting music or just dramatic score to set the mood. I was especially surprised at the placement of the first soundtrack, “Before My Body is Dry” otherwise known as the “Don’t Lose Your Way” song that people were raving about over the internet that played in Ryuko’s most epic Kamui battle scenes.  And c’mon, there’s RAP in it, which is pretty intense for an anime I think – and I can actually hear the words really clearly. Plenty more surprises to come as you make your way through the album…

I actually hear a lot of beats and techno that I didn’t initially pick up while I was watching the anime. I guess the action really keeps your attention on the visuals and less of the sound since much of techno beats are there to create noise instead of silence. I’m not a particular fan of techno but they seem to be a trend lately and many of the beats are inserted sparingly into the scenes as introductions to characters or just opening scenes.

Although “Before My Body is Dry” is definitely the highlight of the soundtrack, heading the track list at number 1, I was really enamoured by Satsuki’s mother’s background music which is track number 4 entitled Blumenkranz, which means Floral Wreath. It’s just so badass, in an evil, arrogant mofo kinda way. I think they might have thrown some German into this song as well. There’s also so much more English in the soundtrack than I imagined… not very well pronounced English at times, but I guess it’s pretty cool.

I’m also really loving soundtrack number 5, “Ad La Lib,” because it particularly stood up to me when Satsuki made her entrance and displayed her power over Honnouji academy. Very military styled and pounding, I can almost see her and her Elite 4 towering over the students making sure they’re behaving properly.

As well, pay attention to track 7, “Kill If You’ll Kill, “the melancholic ballad that goes with emotional scenes or tragic back story flashbacks. I absolutely love the dramatic stripped down piano sounds. They are what they are and you can really feel the weight of the character’s emotions in the sounds of the keys.

Track 10, titled “Light Your Heart Up” is pretty great as an upbeat addition to the set of sounds. I loved it when I heard it in the anime and since the entire song is in English and rather well enunciated English you can pretty much understand all the lyrics. I feel like it’s Mako’s cheery encouraging song for Ryuko.

This is actually one of the rare anime soundtracks that I would advise purchasing a physical copy to have and hold. It’s a great collection of instrumentals and songs that bring out the intensity of the shonen atmosphere in the series. I know that in the second half of Kill La Kill, a new opening and ending song will be aired so I’m super excited for that. If you guys want to download the soundtrack, have a click at the link below. It’s a pretty strong listing and arranged well that the tracks that you’re searching keep leading you through the album for a onceover listen. Hats off to Hiroyuki Sawano for his great work. These are just my thoughts on first listen. I didn’t particularly give this soundtrack a full rating because it’s made up of such a diverse range of styles and sounds.

Hope you guys are having a great holiday!

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Top 5 Jay Chou Songs

Jay Chou2I am a really big Jay Chou fan and I usually listen to a his songs when I’m studying or on the go because here’s literally a Jay Chou song for every occasion; anytime I tune into the depth and imagery of his lyrics or I tune out, for he mere melody and sounds of the song, I’m struck by what a talented and versatile artist he is.

Jay Chou is most definitely without a doubt if I had to choose one artist to listen to for the rest of my life my favourite artist ever (or at least, in the Mandopop music scene). Now, Jay Chou has a lot of albums- and I mean a LOT but whether you’re a diehard Jay Chou forever fan or just starting to get into his music today, you’ll find that there seems to be that one album that speaks to you most profoundly.  For me, that was November’s Chopin.

Jay Chou’s music falls anywhere from slow and meaningful ballads to fast paced R&B amalgamated with catchy beats and many times, European orchestral sounds or classic ancient Chinese instrumentals. It’s for this unique and utterly signature style of music that allows a listener to instantly identify Jay songs amidst a playlist or on the radio. It’s impossible to zone out of his songs entirely because he just doesn’t let you. Almost every song holds its own individual story within the overarching theme of the album. For example, Jay’s album Dragon Rider aims to evoke the aesthetic and mysticism behind Chinese astronomy and horoscopes while his more recent 2011 album Exclamation Mark aims at lighter and more outspoken styles to evoke the cartoonist style as portrayed from his album art. Speaking of which, for those of you who collect his albums, you’ll find out that placing the CDs side by side will showcase the diversity of his music throughout his development as an artist.

Curse of the Golden Flower

Today I really to share with you guys my top 5 all time favourite Jay Chou songs that I never ever get tired of.

5) 菊花台Chrysanthemum Terrace from Curse of the Golden Flower (2006) and included in Still Fantasy (2006) [Music by Jay Chou, Lyrics by Vincent Fang] – Saw the movie as a kid and thought it was kinda weird but Jay was pretty cool and the song is a beautiful addition to the atmosphere of the story and the symbolism of chrysanthemums.

Jay Chou - Still Fantasy4) 千里之外Faraway ft. Fei Yu Ching from Still Fantasy (2006) [Music by Jay Chou, Lyrics by Vincent Fang]- This is my favourite duet of all the duets Jay’s ever sung with other artists. It’s not like his usual style but the song is really catchy and carefree, evoking sentiments of nostalgia through its wistful lyrics and vocals.

Jay Chou - November's Chopin3) 髮如雪Hair like Snow from November’s Chopin (2005) [Music by Jay Chou, Lyrics by Vincent Fang]- My favourite song on November Chopin which was the first Jay Chou album I ever got. I love the music style of the album as a whole and it’s the romantic vocals that get me in the song.

Jay Chou - Capricorn2) 蘭亭序Orchid Pavilion from Capricorn (2008) [Music by Jay Chou, Lyrics by Vincent Fang]- I love the story and meaning behind the lyrics of this song. It’s the metaphors and the imagery in conjunction with the use of Chinese instrumentals in order to bring out a visual and auditory landscape in the listener’s mind that places this song so high on my list.

??????????????1) 青花瓷 Blue and White Porcelain from On the Run (2007) [Music by Jay Chou, Lyrics by Vincent Fang]- I first heard this song a few years ago when I bought Jay’s On the Run album. I love it so much because it tells the story of a painter reminiscing as he paints; every line of poetry and every brush stroke of the lady’s porcelain portrait reminding him of a distant love.

Hope you guys liked this post and if you’re a Jay Chou fan as well, comment below on your favourite songs! You can never get enough of his music and I’ve been gradually collecting all his albums over the years. Thanks for reading and I will talk to you guys soon!

– Cloudy

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