Zankyou no Terror Episodes 1-2 First Impressions

I’ve been getting tons of requests for my Zankyou no Terror First Impressions and there’s quite a bit of hype around Zankyou right now because it’s directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, the same amazing filmmaker behind notable series like Cowboy Bebop … Continue reading

Re_Hamatora Episode 1 and 2 Impressions

Episode 1 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds  I honestly do not know what to say about the first episode of Hamatora Season 2. It was pulling everyone’s legs with the grief and the sadness and Nice being dead even though it … Continue reading

Aldnoah Zero Episode 1 First Impressions

Rating: 4/5 curious clouds  I don’t usually watch a lot of science-fiction or mecha anime when it comes to the seasonal shows. I’m pretty content with my class gundam series but recently I gave Aldnoah a try because it’s gotten … Continue reading

Majimoji Rurumo Episode 1 Impressions

“In exchange for having granted your wish, I’ll be taking your life. It’s in the contract.” (…sadly he wished for panties.) Rating: 3/5 curious clouds  Wow this anime wastes no time at all and immediately throws us in the throes … Continue reading

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 1 Impressions

I was actually really curious as to how they were going to introduce Black Butler to new fans without reiterating old back story narration to fans familiar with the show. The first episode did not disappoint. It was executed so … Continue reading

Love Stage Episode 1 Impressions

Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds  Due to very popular request we are looking at my first impressions of Love Stage today ^_^ Love Stage begins with a boy named Izumi Sena who lives in a family of fantastically talented people… unfortunately … Continue reading

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei First Impressions

It has been two weeks since the events of the first season in the KALMIA world and we are returning to Illya and Miyu’s every day school girl routines. Illya reflects on the entire card collecting ordeal and her friendship … Continue reading

Hanayamata Episode 1 Impressions

“Anyone can be dazzling if you try hard enough.” Hanayamata begins with a girl named Naru Sekiya who is quite shy, kind and lacks confidence. One night as she passes the shrine, she bumps into a girl whom she mistakens … Continue reading

Ao Haru Ride Episode 1 First Impressions

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds  Ao Haru Ride follows a girl named Futaba Yoshioka who’s decided to reset her life and her look upon entering high school. When Futaba was in middle school, she was quiet and cute, thus isolated from … Continue reading

Dramatical Murder Episode 1 Impressions

I am ECSTATIC to see Dramatical Murder adapted into an anime series. The anime starts off exactly like the game where Aoba is working at the usual junk shop and ends up heading out for a delivery. As he makes … Continue reading