Out of the Box- UtaPri 2000% Kotobukiya Cell Phone Straps Box Set

Out of the Box UtaPri Cell Phone Straps Box Set (17)dHey guys how are you all? It’s really been a while since we’ve done an Out of the Box feature but I’m back today with a treat for otome fans of Uta no Prince-sama. AmiAmi had a pretty great discount on this box set which is why I jumped at the chance to nab these cell phone straps.

There are twelve pieces in total, including all seven members of STARISH, their lovely composer- Nanami Haruka and the four senpai-mentors from later games (and the second season). Each character is actually designed with a pretty unique and dynamic pose unlike other Kotobukiya box-sets that simply show the character’s casual stance. As well, this set includes a strap of the main heroine of the game (and show) which some sets don’t include.

The entire set is given coherency with the turquoise outline fill-ins while the characters themselves also follow their own design scheme. The STARISH members are all wearing their matching 2000% stage outfits while the Quartet Night members are wearing their matching casual outfits as well. Nanami herself is wearing a simply white dress that neutralizes the contrast between the turquoise outline and her bright vermillion hair colour. While some fans aren’t a huge fan of the turquoise backing because of the heavy contrast schemes, I found that I didn’t mind the clashing colours in characters such as Otoya and Ren.

Here are some close up pictures of the merch or if you’d like to see the entire unboxing itself, check out the video below. Thank you guys for reading and watching, I hope you all enjoyed this feature =)

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Out of the Box: Uta no Prince-sama 2000% Plushie


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Uta no Prince-sama Animate Cafe Hong Kong 2014

A few months ago Animate went and opened a lovely Uta no Prince-sama cafe right in Hong Kong. Seeing as I have some relatives over there, I asked some of them to check it out and take some photos. Animate cafes are totally cool because they always follow a specific theme. Though they open for a limited time but they have tons of awesome merchandise and art featured. In the UtaPri cafe, each dish and drink is inspired by a character and they come with some cute coaster freebies as well =P I hope some of you UtaPri fangirls enjoyed this post and I my new anime reviews will be up very soon!

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Uta no Prince-Sama Genkidan Shining Album Trilogy Review and Download

Hey girls, I have a real treat for you otome lovers today. I haven’t done an otome post in a while but I am super excited for today’s review. If you follow all the Uta no Prince-sama album releases on the side, you’ve probably heard somewhere by someone or on some page that there have been three new song albums released. Our boys were split up into three different groups and each song follows its own unique story. Each of the UtaPri characters are given their own unique names to go along with the story of the song. If you’re interested in my thoughts on the songs, read on. If not, feel free to scroll down for the download link of all three.

Masquerade MirageThe first song was released on Christmas Day. Masquerade Mirage was a great way to kick off the album trilogy. It’s sung by Reiji Kotobuki (Showtaro Morikubo), Ai Mikaze (Shouta Aoi) and Natsuki Shinomiya (Kishou Taniyama from GranRodeo which is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING). Because the theme is masquerade, there was a very Phantom of the Opera-esque feel to the entire song. The story paints a fantasy, dreamlike magic masquerade ball and the lyrics definitely echo that sentiment. I thought the voices were really well paired. Taniyama’s deep driving voice was a great balance to Aoi’s softer tones and Morikubo just rounded out the middles in-between. The harmonys were so well blended.

Tenka Muteki no Shinobi-douThe second song released in January was Tenka Muteki no Shinobi-dou sung by Otoya Ittoki (Takuma Terashima), Cecil Aijima (Kousuke Toriumi), Masato Hijirakawa (Kenichi Suzumura) and Syo Kurusu (Hiro Shimono). The title literally means The Way of the Invinisible Shinobi and the story follows Otoya and Cecil who were ordered to assassinate a princess that Masato and Syo are guarding. It’s like ninja style otome. I found the song SO CATCHY when I first got it and I was literally listening to it during my lecture when I first downloaded it cause I couldn’t wait. There’s a really strong driving pace in the song that makes it super addictive. I absolutely LOVE Kenichi Suzumura’s voice in this song. He’s definitely improved as a singer and I would really love to see him cover the song on his own. Suzumura sounded SO GOOD. Terashima and Shimono also kept up to the standard and pitch as expected from their character’s voice styles. The only slight problem I had with the song was Toriumi’s voice. I found it a tad too soft and quiet for the powerful mood of the song.

Joker TrapThe last song, finally released last week, and probably the most highly anticipated amongst UtaPri fangirls showcased voices from four of the smexiest characters of the games/anime. Sung by Tokiya Ichinose (Mamoru Miyano), Ren Jinguji (Junichi Suwabe), Camus (Tomoaki Maeno) and Ranmaru Kurosaki (Tatsuhisa Suzuki), it was an absolutely perfect combination of personalities with the story. Joker Trap sets a darker espionage setting alluding to the suits of the cards – Spades for Camus, Hearts for Ren (of course), Clubs for Ranmaru and Diamonds for Tokiya. I just loved the flashy sounds in the song and you just feel as if you’ve stepped into a 1950s spy novel. Joker Trap has to be my favourite of all three not only because three of my favourite voice actors are in it and Mamo is my favourite favourite voice actor of all time ❤

Here is the download link:


Overall, I applaud the producers for this super unique Theatrical Troupe concept and I hope that future UtaPri songs will be somewhat similarly inspired. I hope you girls liked this post. I can’t wait for UtaPri 3000% to come out next year with all new merchandise and group songs and character songs.  Let me know which song you liked most and what character is your favourite. If you would like to read more from me, bookmark or follow me here and I will talk to you all soon!

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DOKI DOKI de Kowaresou 1000% Love HEY!!


UTAPRI LADIES! I have the best news to kick off our December. Have you heard? Broccoli’s Uta no Prince-Sama anime is getting a SEASON 3!!!! It’s been officially confirmed today by the composer of Elements Garden and is scheduled to be aired in 2015. Can’t wait to hear all your favourite seiyuu princes reprising their roles, so excited for new songs and even new idols!! Are you ready? 😉

580444_499675703439376_2047789543_nMaji Love 1000% 

Maji Love 2000% 

Mirai no Chizu 

Yumeoibito e no Symphony 


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UTAPRI FANGIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and boys) As you can see from the title, the final battle song that HE★VENS sang against ST☆RISH AND NOW THE SONG HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY RELEASED! THIS IS AMAZING! I’M FANGIRLING SO HARD!!!!

In Uta no☆Prince Sama♪ 2000%, Heavens was the band competing against ST☆RISH for the UtaPri (Prince of Song) award. Have a listen to their song and click the mediafire link for a download! It’s just so darn catchy!!


HE★VENS Members are…

Eichi Otori (voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa)- The “leader” of the group and rather arrogant. He’s the megane brunette.

Nagi Mikado (voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga)- The shota of the group earning him the name “Cutie Nagi”

Kira Sumeragi (voiced by Daisuke Ono) <KYAA>– The quiet one of the group but seems to like Nanami’s music very much despite being part of the antagonist group.

If you’re an otome fan and you haven’t played Uta no Prince-Sama or watched the anime, I implore you to do so. It’s absolutely amazing. I love it so much and it’s one of my favourite animes ❤ Here are my First Impressions

And if you are a fan of the show… Have you seen Out of the Box and my UtaPri Animate Post (Yes, I am a HUGE TOKIYA FAN >///////<

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Out of the Box: Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Animate USA Fall

Hi guys! Hope you guys are having a great Thanksgiving weekend with family (if you’re in Canada). Just wanted to do a light feature review today cause I’ve got a lot of family stuff going on. I ordered with one of my otome friends in Kingston because one of the best ways to get around any sort of shipping fees is to make big purchases with friends. Since I’m a huge Tokiya Ichinose fan, I had to get the T, with his lyrics in Magi Love 2000% “I feel you,” inscribed on it. I got the Tokiya passcase out of both fandom and need because I finally have a place to put my student card!! Tokiya is so pensive and adorable >////< The Piyo pouch is my friend’s. It was around 15 dollars (not including shipping) and I think it was really worth the price because it’s as big as my face! (If you stuffed it with cotton balls, it could probably become a plushie, no joke)

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Out of the Box: Uta no Prince-sama Debut Plushie

Ichinose.Tokiya.full.11302174Hey hey otome lovers! Are any of you Uta no Prince-sama fans? If you are, you might have recently heard that the new Uta no Prince-sama Debut Plushie series has released its first pair of characters – Ittoki Otoya and Tokiya Ichinose. Originally what attracted me to the series was the amazing music. I watched both of the series at once right after Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% finished earlier in the summer. So when I saw that a second line of plushies were released, I had to get Tokiya! He’s my favourite!!

I ordered my Tokiya from HobbySearch which is a really great site for anime related figures, plushies and merchandise. I’m really pleased with my overall purchase because the prices for Uta no Prince-sama plushies on North American sites are outrageously expensive.


When you buy from HobbySearch, the prices are closer to what I normally see in hobby stores in Japan. The only thing you might be slightly concerned about is the conversion from the Japanese yen to your home currency. The shipping is also super reasonable with HobbySearch. Everything is by weight; the plushie itself was 3000 yen and the shipping fee was only five dollars for me. However, if you order hard figures or nendoroids, that will definitely change due to the packaging and weight.

I’m a big plushie collector and I’m completely blown away by the detail that went into designing and creating Tokiya. His eyes are two shades of blue and the detail in his performance uniform is replicated so well from the art in the Uta no Prince-Sama Debut Game. It’s so princely and I like the design of the debut uniforms much more than the tassels and fur from the first line of Uta no Prince-Sama plushies. I’m currently trying to decide if I want to order Ittoki as well, or wait for Ren and the others >.< I can’t wait for the next pair of plushies to be released!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting anime merchandise so if you guys want more segments of “Out of the Box,” or an otaku anime haul, remember to hit like or comment below! to let me know! Thanks for dropping by!

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Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% Episode 1 Recap & Review


Hi everyone! Today we’re reviewing Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% or Prince of Song. I’m very excited to share this anime with you guys because I love the original soundtracks that come with it. The music and the cover art is what initially drew me to this anime even before I’d read or heard about it. I thought this would be a great time to bring up this anime because the sequel Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000% just finished. What better time to power through both together at once?

“A light comes out of the darkness. A heart that makes a flower bloom in the wilderness journeys through the sky. Music changes the world.”


Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds5 CuriousClouds Transparent

nanamiI love how the anime opens with screaming fans XD The opening song is just so darn catchy! This anime focuses on a boy band of six very good looking and colourful boys. The actual story begins with a girl who’s late for her entrance music exam at a boarding school called Saotome Academy. When she’s  refused by the guards due to her tardiness, a boy steps in and convinces the guards to let her in. another boy appears to plead her case. (They’re actually two of the boys from the opening boy band number). Shojo boys. So. Good. Looking. All of a sudden, one guard gets a call and allows her in on an exception…

friendShe later passes and is admitted as a student! YAY! The girl’s name is Nanami Haruka, a girl who dreams on becoming a composer. Her roomate’s name is Shibuya “Tomo-chan” Tomochika. They met in the examination hall.

“The beating of a heart is the first source of music!”

headmasterThe headmaster is a rather eccentric performer as he welcomes new students into Saotome. He use to be idol Shiningg Saotome who sold twenty million CDs. Nanami then bumps into the first boy he helped her on the day of the entrance exam (aka Lifesaver A). His name is Ittoki Otoya. Insert a lot of comedy and hilarity as Nanami is introduced to her other classmates…  Shinomiya Natsuki, who tried to glomp Nanami because he thought she looked like his cute dog Elizabeth as well as Hijirikawa Masato. A fanfare sounds and Tsukimiya Ringo, another idol begins class. She so sounds like a man =.= and cue Nanami’s expression of astonishment. Saotome is actually a school dedicated to cultivating idols and their composers so I guess that’s why the instructors are all superstars… Sounds like a pretty fun school to attend.


When Nanami trips in the cafeteria and drops her meal card, she meets Kurusu Shou and runs into her second lifesaver, Jinguji Ren. Since Nanami doesn’t have a television at home, she’s completely oblivious to the famous students and staff around her XD As Tomo-chan puts it, “the level of the males here is off the charts!”

childWe’re given some of Nanami’s back story as she retells some of her past to Tomo-chan regarding her transition to the city and the stress that came with it. When she was on the verge of a breakdown, she heard sees Hayato on a big screen TV on the street and his music moves her and inspires her to become a composer in hopes that she could compose for him one day.

What? Sudden flashback to the baddies?!? Random much? But of course, there has to be some hint of an antagonist in the series and it’s typical that there would be crazy drama and tension going on in the music world…
When a cat wanders into Nanami’s room and runs off with her hankerchief, she follows it out into the back gardens, where she meets Ichinose Tokiya whom she mistakes for Hayato. Though Nanami is sure that the boy is Hayato, he says, “Please don’t confuse me with that shallow dullard, Hayato.”


I think the events are spaced out quite well even though they jump around quite randomly towards the end of the episode. We settle into school life as Nanami does, before we’re introduced to some opening threads of conflict that may potentially take place and unlike other animes, the ending credits might actually have preview scenes of subsequent episodes. I like the art style of the animation very much and at least our heroine possesses some depth.

I hope you guys like Uta no Prince-sama as much as I do! Thank you so much for reading and I will talk to you guys soon!

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