Travel Photography

In order from most recent at the top to oldest at the bottom…

European Discovery!!

Nathan Sykes Concert in Newcastle, UK

Ice & Green (A Winter to Spring Photoshoot)

Time and Fashion (A Photoshoot in Manchester)

Just Kidding Films Live in Toronto

Right on Target w Stephen Amell – FanExpo Canada 2013

T&T Night Market 2013

Night It Up! 2013

Gundam Through the Ages

Okonomiyaki at Fugetsu in Akihabara

Aropa @K11 in Hong Kong

Cityscape Photography in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Dragonboat Carnival 2013

Visiting Animate in Akihabara

Disneyland in Tokyo 2013

Sanrioland in Japan 2013

House of Dancing Waters in Macau 2013

Studio Ghibli’s First Donguri Republic Store in Hong Kong

Studio Ghibli Exhibition in Hong Kong

Bathtub of the World- Giant Rubber Duck in Hong Kong

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