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Chaos Dragon Episode 8 Review

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HAPPY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY!! (Mako Mankanshoku Nendoroid Summer Colours Photoshoot)

Hey guys! Happy World Photography Day!

Mako Rainbow Stars_littlecloudcuriosity (1)

I didn’t even know until I checked Twitter but apparently there is a day for every thing now, thanks to social media. In honour of today I wanted to share with you guys a really fun photography shoot I did last month with my Kill La Kill Mako Mankanshoku Nendoroid figure. One of the reasons why I bought Mako was because she is such a fun and versatile character. You can literally set her up in any setting and her personality will instantly add its own charm to the atmosphere. In this shoot, I played around with lighting, props and tons of bright colours as inspired by summer sunshine. This was also the first time I used a full frame Nikon D750, a new camera that was passed over to me by my dad. I used the 24-120 mm Nikkor lens and it was really a trick trying to figure out the angles because the lens wouldn’t focus if I pushed the focal point too close. The only bit of editing done was with contrast and brightness. Overall I am quite pleased with these final shots and I hope you’ll enjoy scrolling through 🙂

– Cloudy

What are you pondering today?

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