Are You Alice? Volume 4 Review

Rating: 3.5/5 confuzzled clouds  I have been following the Are You Alice series faithfully through North American publishing distributors and part of the reason I chose to read the Are You Alice series through officially translated licensed professionals is because … Continue reading

Are You Alice Volume 3 Review

There wasn’t as much action in Volume 3 as I hoped however it did delve deeper into the intricacies of the “game” in Wonderland pertaining to the 88th Alice in Wonderland who was apparently shot (or so its implied) by … Continue reading

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 2 Review

Best part of this episode was KyotoAni’s style of choreography in the action scenes when Mirai is hunting the youmu. I guess animating blood isn’t too off from animating water. Other than that, not much happens, but I can’t help … Continue reading

Are You Alice? Volume 2

Hi guys, I know I’ve been gone for a few days now. The reason is because of my schedule during the school year. When I’m not running to classes or commuting home, I’m doing readings and assignments and it all … Continue reading

Are You Alice? Volume 1

Hi everyone! Today I’m very excited to review a new manga series that just released volume 1, called Are You Alice? Some of you might know, and some of you might not, but I’m a huge fan of Alice in … Continue reading