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Hi guys. How are you all? How’s school and work in the new semester and fall? To be honest, school is keeping me so busy these days so I apologize for not being more frequent with reviews. This is also due to the fact that I still have no internet in my new house. God knows how many days it’s been and no internet is a pain. I seriously should have reconsidered this sharing internet with my housemate’s friends-next-door spiel. I can’t stress enough how annoyed I am at the no internet situation, I’m ready and willing to raise hell (by calling Dantalion)… Sigh* the missing reviews will be up soon! (I hope.)

Now that summer anime series are finishing up in the next little while, I’m very excited for the new season releases, so be on the lookout for a poll coming up soon for which series reviews you guys want to see. I’ve also decided to plan a general regimen out for myself every season so that there’s a new schedule that shakes things up from what I’ve done in the past while. Be ready for a lot of merchandise features, some travel stuff and ever always more manga reviews. I’ll try to get some photography out as well. Kingston proves to be a challenge once you see all that the little town has to offer but it will definitely challenge my creativity especially when the beautiful snowy winter sets in.

I really want to thank everyone for following and reading littlecloudcuriosity so far. It really means a lot to me and I can’t thank you enough for all your encouragement and support! I will keep trying my best to do what I do best and hopefully you guys will like what’s coming up!

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– Cloudy

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Summer Anime 2013 Poll

Hey guys! So all the summer pilots have pretty much released and the schedule has been set for this season. Here are the pilot episodes we’ve looked at so far… Summer2013PollPoster

Which series do you guys want me to prioritize with reviews? I’m always trying to do my episode recaps and reviews as soon as the episodes are released BUT I do get pretty busy now that I’m juggling a few different sections so please vote in the poll for your favourite new summer anime for immediate posts, screenshots and updates and I will try my best to keep up with those.

If you guys have any other series you would like me to follow that aren’t in the poll or multiple series you would like me to follow, feel free to comment below if you have more than one in mind! Thank you guys so much for reading, liking and following. I will give it my best this summer season!

– Cloudy

What are you pondering today?