Out of the Box: K-On! Azusa Nakano SQ Banpresto Figure

Hey guys! I wanted to show you guys an “Out of the Box” segment today featuring my new K-On! figurine. Azusa is one my favourite character of the series and I’m always looking for new Azusa figures to add to my K-On collection. I’m really really obsessed with collecting K-On merch cause they’re all so cute and adorable. I’m use to figures being a bit smaller and sometimes A LOT smaller than the size of box. I was thoroughly pleased with the size of this figure (it’s around 8-9 inches), I love the smooth matte finish of the painting and the really delicate cute emotion that Azusa has on. Her pigtails defy gravity! (LOL)

Hopefully I can find the other characters online somewhere!

– Cloudy

What are you pondering today?

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