Gokukoku no Brynhildr Episode 1 Review

Gokukoku is about a boy named Ryota Murakami who played with a girl he called Kurokneko as a child. Due to an incident which leads to his hospitalization and her death, Murakami sets out to discover the truth about aliens … Continue reading

Cloudy’s Spring Anime 2014 Rundown

WOW WOW WOW There is such a LONG LIST of anime for this spring season’s anime lineup. Since winter was a bit of a dud for most of us, either following the more popular shows like Nobunaga the Fool and … Continue reading

Bathtub of the World

Hi guys! Today I’m introducing a new blog section called Cloudy Around the World where I look at cute little tourist attractions and hotspots for you guys to shed a little light on vacation fun. The first attraction we’re going to look at actually appears in more place than one… It’s THE DUCK!!

Created by mind of the brilliant Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, it’s the largest rubber duck in the world and it’s already hit a bunch of different locations. I was lucky enough to catch sight of the cute rubber duck on the last day of its stay in Hong Kong, which also happened to be my first day in Hong Kong. Soon, you’ll be able to see it in Pittsburgh, its first scheduled stop in the United States.

Wherever the big yellow duck goes next, it’s sure to spread joy and happiness to everyone around the world!

Hope you all enjoyed this new segment! I’m always looking for new and interesting stuff to share with you guys! Thank you so much for reading!

– Cloudy

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Karneval Episode 4 & 5 Review

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