Glasslip Episode 13 Review… is it, over? It’s over.

Rating: 2/5 clouds (not sure how to rate nothing tbh) So I got the sense from this episode that everyone has someone gotten the gist that Touko is psychic? Like I said earlier, Glasslip is REALLY subtle about the hints and … Continue reading

Glasslip Episode 12 (things happened. O_O”)

Not sure if we’re resetting the Glasslip world and the seasons. Or if Johnathan the Chicken is to blame for this strange world flip. Rating: 2/5 what-did-I-just-watch clouds  I feel like somehow the fireworks are supposed to tie us back … Continue reading

Glasslip Episode 11 Review

Rating: 3/5 happy clouds (just for Yana and Yuki -,-)  “Kakeru-kun, I wonder if you really like me” – (LOL) TO BE HONEST TOUKO. WE ALL WONDER THAT TOO. Hahaha so after all the conspiracy theories about the kiss being … Continue reading

Glasslip Episode 10 Review

NO SA-CHAN. THAT IS NOT HOW YOU DO A CONFESSION. YOU DON’T CONFESS TO FRIENDS ABOUT FRIENDSHIP. WHAT WAS THAT EVEN?!?!?And somehow Hiro is okay with all this while Touko just looks confused. Glasslip. Just… no. Rating: 2/5 complacent clouds  If … Continue reading

Glasslip Episode 9 Review

Rating: 3/5 what-the-cloud is going on clouds  Why does anyone in Glasslip do anything they do? This is one of the biggest reasons and biggest problems with how Glasslip has unfolded thus far. Did they suddenly intend to push every … Continue reading

Glasslip Episode 8 Review

Rating: 2.5/5 complacent clouds  There is a very distinct feeling with this week’s episode of Glasslip, where things seem to be settling and simmering at a standstill even more than usual. The group is officially unofficially divided in that Sachi … Continue reading

Glasslip Episode 7 Review

Guys. Things got weird REALLY quickly in Glasslip this week. For one thing, everyone is starting to show somewhat more negative sides of their personality. With absolutely no foreshadowing, we’re given a scene with THREE KAKERUS when he talks to … Continue reading

Glasslip Episode 6 Review

Okay so things get as interesting as they can get in Glasslip. Quite a bit drama seeing as things were moving quite slowly in the first half. Touko really doesn’t DO MUCH and it bothers me a bit because she’s … Continue reading

Glasslip Episode 5 Review

Hey guys how are you all? Today we’re back with another episode of Glasslip. I don’t know why but every week when I get to the new Glasslip episode I feel so relaxed and chill and it is the perfect … Continue reading

Glasslip Episode 4 Review

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds  I really don’t know what to say about this week’s episode of Glasslip because NOT MUCH happened. Seriously. Well, there was ONE big moment towards the end of the episode. Sometimes the difficulties with reviewing slice … Continue reading