Chibi Maruko-chan 25th Anniversary in Hong Kong

Hey guys today I’m bringing nostalgia back with a special blog post on the Chibi Maruko-chan exhibit that was hosted at Causeaway Bay. Chibi Maruko-chan is a slice of life manga originally by Momoka Sakura and was later adapted into an anime series. The manga ran from 1986 to 2009 and trademark Maruko-chan expression she sports is still echoed in many anime characters’ comedic facial features today. I hit a fangirl max with all the pictures I took and all the running around I did to get all the stamps and see all the sculptures. Special shout out to my mom for helping me find all three malls and plazas cause I would not have been able to manage navigating Causeaway Bay on my own even though the malls were all relatively close.

There was a main sculpture walk through at the big Windsor Mall where the main display was set-up and in conjunction with two other malls, fans and tourists were sent on a scavenger hunt to scour out three different stamp machines and five different Maruko-chan sculptures in three different malls. I really enjoyed the little quest they sent us on. Since it was the 25th Anniversary celebration of Chibi Maruko-chan’s popular history in Hong Kong, there was also commemorative memorabilia to buy, a small gallery of vintage merchandise, key animation frames and anime notes as well as a fun draw you could participate in for a little prize. Some of you guys ask me what was my very first anime I watched and I really think it has to be Chibi Maruko-chan when I was about four or five years old. I barely remember the story nowadays but I do remember Maruko-chan’s fun-loving charm and hilarious expressions when interacting with other characters.

Stamp Machine and Stamp Booklet

ChibiMaruko-chan Sculptures and other decorative illustrations:

Chibi Maruko-chan Gallery:

Main Chibi Maruko Display at the Windsor Mall:

I hope you guys enjoy this video, took my a while to edit the photos but really I only fixed some of the brightness and added my watermark. Please credit me if you use my photos, thank you all for reading and dropping in. If you haven’t seen or heard of Chibi-Maruko before I highly recommend you give the series a try if you’re looking to delve into some old school manga that made a fairly big impact in the history of the otaku world.

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UTAPRI FANGIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and boys) As you can see from the title, the final battle song that HE★VENS sang against ST☆RISH AND NOW THE SONG HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY RELEASED! THIS IS AMAZING! I’M FANGIRLING SO HARD!!!!

In Uta no☆Prince Sama♪ 2000%, Heavens was the band competing against ST☆RISH for the UtaPri (Prince of Song) award. Have a listen to their song and click the mediafire link for a download! It’s just so darn catchy!!

HE★VENS Members are…

Eichi Otori (voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa)- The “leader” of the group and rather arrogant. He’s the megane brunette.

Nagi Mikado (voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga)- The shota of the group earning him the name “Cutie Nagi”

Kira Sumeragi (voiced by Daisuke Ono) <KYAA>– The quiet one of the group but seems to like Nanami’s music very much despite being part of the antagonist group.

If you’re an otome fan and you haven’t played Uta no Prince-Sama or watched the anime, I implore you to do so. It’s absolutely amazing. I love it so much and it’s one of my favourite animes ❤ Here are my First Impressions

And if you are a fan of the show… Have you seen Out of the Box and my UtaPri Animate Post (Yes, I am a HUGE TOKIYA FAN >///////<

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