Kuroshitsuji (黒執事) Book of Circus & Murder Animate Cafe

Hey guys how are you all? I’ve been crazy busy this week with family stuff and family friend meet-ups but I did have a chance to swing by the latest Animate Cafe featured in Tseun Wan, Hong Kong. The cafe is based on Yana Toboso’s popular series, Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler, mainly with poster prints, character stand-ups and a lovely menu themed around the Book of Circus and Book of Murder arc. The Book of Circus anime adaptation just finished this summer season and the Book of Murder arc will be released as an OVA.

This was my very first Animate Cafe and the food wasn’t as bad as I expected. Actually, it was quite tasty for food that was mostly featured for the sake of the theme. Each drink came with a free coaster and each dish came with a bookmark, all were blind draws so you didn’t get to pick your favourite design. For the coasters I got Sebastian and Charles Phipps. There were five bookmark designs in total and I was SO CLOSE to getting all of them but in the end I got one duplicate. I went with two other people so we got quite a few dishes. We ordered the hamburger steak, curry, darjeeling tea, hot chocolate, the afternoon tea set and the strawberry parfait. For an extra 20 HK dollars (around 4-5 Canadian or US dollars), the parfait came with a lovely folder. As well, I got a button and an extra key chain from the gift shop part of the cafe, both were blind-draw boxes, specially featured for this event. I was thrilled to receive the Joker on both pieces because not only is he exclusive to the Book of Circus arc, he’s also voice by my favourite voice actor, Mamoru Miyano. Below you’ll also find a picture (I secretly took) of Daisuke Ono’s signature \*O*/ (yeah, you’re not supposed to take pictures LOL)

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did, don’t forget to check out my channel over on Youtube for more vlogs because this video is part of a new series of vlogs I’m featuring this holiday taking place in Hong Kong ^^


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