Cloudy’s Summer Beauty Favourites

Hi everyone! Today I’m doing another Light Otaku Living Segment but it’s going to be geared a bit more towards the girls. Welcome to Cloudy’s Summer Beauty Favourites! I don’t get new beauty products ALL the time but lately I’ve been experimenting a lot with new creams and scrubs since summer weater has been harsh on my skin.

The first product that I wanted to share was the Advanced O’Three Collagen Eye Treatment Patch. It’s actually a Korean brand that I found in the drug store section of a Korean Supermarket. I’d never tried eye patches before but I thought, “what the heck,” might as well give it a go, the worst thing that can happen is that nothing happens. Your dark circles couldn’t get any worse right?


There’s about five to six packages inside with a pair of patches in each of them. You peel off the film and there’s a jelly-like mask coated in the product. You lay it right under your eyes and you leave them on for 30-40 minutes (or two episodes of anime) and then you take them off, rinse and apply your regular moisturizer.  Since there are no early classes or early work in the summer, I’ve been staying up super late every night and I’m starting to look like a panda from my new sleeping patterns. This eye mask brightened up my circles right away, the greyness was faded and I instantly looked more lively. After about two of the masks (and lots more sleep), my dark circles were all but faded.

DSC_0012My next thing I wanted to show you guys is the the Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish. I got the a turquoise blue and baby yellow from summer series and I loved it. I painted the blue on my nails with a bunch of other colours from other brands and this polish lasted the absolute longest. The colour seen in the bottle is exactly the colour you get on your nails, so it’s pretty accurate. I really wish I bought more of these because the colour is really so pigmented and I think it goes great with a Hatsune Miku cosplay 😉

DSC_0001The next products I wanted to show you guys have become my new holy grail when it comes to my skin. It’s the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Scrub (the yellow tube) and Smoothing Scrub (the purple tube).  In the summer time, the heat always feels like it’s clogging my pores. You have to put on sunscreen which is usually oily and there’s dust and sweat and at the end of the day your skin just feels nasty. I believe the morning burst line is meant to be used in the mornings but I don’t really think it matters so I usually use them at night and it just adds to my relaxing and refreshing shower experience.

I got the skin brightening facial scrub first just because it was on sale. I remember always hearing “Clean and Clear and under Control” on TV so I thought I’d give it a try. I bought the smoothing scrub after the wonders the brightening scrub did on my face. The smoothing burst doesn’t have as many little exfoliating beads as the brightening scrub but it’s pretty good for dry skin because it’s a bit creamier while the brightening scrub is more gel-like. Your skin instantly feels refreshed, it looks brighter and it just feels so good! Thank you Johnson and Johnson!

DSC_0002 (2)bMy last product has been really useful all summer. It’s the sunscreen from Ombrelle. I got the hypoallergenic lotion with 60 spf. It’s fragrance free, colour free, moisturizing and contains antioxidants. I’m usually a paler than average person so I burn really easily if I’m constantly under the sun. My skin burnt red after Saturday of Anime North and I think it would have started peeling if I wasn’t constantly using this sunscreen. I’ve always avoided sunscreen all my life even though I should have it with me all the time. I hate how oily sunscreen usually is and how it smells. Ombrelle gets rid of all my little sunscreen pet peeves and I actually enjoy putting it on my face.

It is, to a certain degree, oil because it’s sunscreen but it doesn’t run off your face when you sweat, so it’s pretty great if you’re doing cosplay photography. I’d advise, washing your face, regular moisturizer and some light sunscreen before you put on foundation for makeup. Even though your foundation may have some spf, it’s not as strong as Ombrelle and if you’re cosplaying as someone with pale skin, you don’t want to get darker as the shoot goes on (LOL) Ombrelle is a little pricier than regular sunscreen but it’s completely worth it. I’ve been using the bottle all summer and I haven’t run out yet so it’s a product worth having.

Thank you girls so much for sticking with me throughout the entire long post. If you girls want more beauty-related reviews and tips for cosplay, conventions or just daily life, let me know but hitting like or comment below! Thanks again for reading and I will talk to you all soon!

– Cloudy

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Homemade Strawberry Yogurt Mask

strawHey guys! I don’t usually treat myself to a beauty time because I’m so busy on a daily basis but now that the school year’s over and I’m at home, I have tons of time to experiment and try different do-it-yourself facial scrubs, beauty masks, hair masks, etc. This strawberry yogurt mask is TO DIE FOR! It is absolutely amazing. I’ve done quite a few different masks in the last two weeks and I think that this little recipe is the best so far.


(This is a great mask to have one while you’re watching anime or your favourite TV series!)

If you’re just interested in reading about the recipe, feel free to skip down to the rating!

I spend a lot of time on Youtube and I subscribe to a variety of different channels from music to comedy to drama and of course, beauty gurus. Every Youtube-obsessed girl has her favourite beauty guru. My favourite beauty guru has to be Bubzbeauty. Her real name is Lindy Tsang and she is of Northern Irish-Chinese ethnicity. What I love about her channel is that she not only talks about outer beauty with makeup, hair and nail tutorials, but constantly posts Girl Talk videos about inner beauty, body image happiness and self-confidence.

g02She just launched her new line of Bubbi makeup brushes and I’m definitely going to be placing an order soon for my very own set. I started subscribing to her when she first started uploading videos. She’s open-minded, down to earth and so very inspiring. Have a look at her website!

Rating: 5/5 happy clouds 5 Clouds Transparent

Some of my favourite videos are the DIY face masks or craft ideas. The strawberry yogurt mask is one of her older videos but the recipe is GOLDEN. My face looks brighter, clearer, smoother and feels great. I ended making an entire bowl of the mask so I turned it into a body scrub and it also felt AWESOME! (However, don’t try this mask if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients)

yogurtWhat you’ll need…

– 4-5 small strawberries

– 2 spoonfuls of Bio-Yogurt

-1 Teaspoon of Olive Oil (I used Grape seed oil because I didn’t have Olive Oil)

– 2 Teaspoons of Honey

– 2 Spoonfuls of Oatmeal

– A bowl and spoons

– A brush to apply the mask

“Willing to try. Willing to learn. Making life bubbi-ful.”

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little rant. Try this out for yourself and marvel at the amazing results! Good luck!

– Cloudy

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