Girl’s Haul!!! (Free!, UtaPri, Shoujo and More…)

Hello everyone, it’s been a while! Exams have been killing me for the past two weeks but I’m pretty much done now which means I can’t wait to get back to the wonderful world of anime and fandoms. Today I have a really fun Haul to share with you all. Part 1 of this haul came out last week while Part 2 was released just now. This blog post will also provide you girls (and guys) with any extra pictures you might want to see of your favourite merch PLUS some really fun bonus pieces that I didn’t have time to mention but are super adorable nonetheless. I hope you guys enjoy ^^

Part 1:

Part 2


I didn’t have time to get through EVERYTHING in the haul because it was already split into two parts but I hope you guys enjoy these pictures…

Fangirling is better when we do it together.

– Cloudy

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