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Banner Third DesignHey guys HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you are all well. I’ve been super busy with family matters, video-editing, travel and interludes of exam studying. Today I wanted to give you guys a quick update one what’s going on with the blog, the Youtube channel and the upcoming anime season.

Welcome to all the new followers and subscribers. If you guys are new to LittleCloudCuriousity, my name is Cloudy and this is my blog for Japanese anime, manga and pop culture ^^/ Thank you very much for clicking in today.


Many Youtubers and bloggers have been giving their thoughts and opinions on 2014, the best anime, the worst and their general favourites. So I thought I’d take a look back at ALL the anime we saw as well and give you guys a quick list on what I really loved from each season.

Winter Anime- Hamatora Season 1, Nisekoi, D-Frag!

Spring Anime- No Game No Life, Kamigami no Asobi, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Love Live Season 2, Kill La Kill

Summer Anime- Zankyou no Terror, Free! Eternal Summer, Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, Ao Haru Ride

Fall Anime- Gugure Kokkuri-san, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Donten ni Warau, Shirobako, Yuuki Yuuna wa Yusha de Aru, Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, Sword Art Online II: Gun Gale Online

As of today, the Winter Anime Season for 2015 has officially begun. Though official anime sites don’t have pilot episodes up for streaming yet, we can expect exciting things this upcoming month. If you guys are looking to check out some of my picks, click the link here.


You may or may not remember but this year I started a Youtube channel >.< and to be honest, it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. After a shaky start, I’ve started to settle into the ways of the Youtube world and I’m really glad you guys enjoy my videos. We’ve recently hit 2000 subscribers so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I know I don’t reply to every comment on the channel or other social media but I do read every single comment, I just can’t reply to all of them because life just happens sometimes >.< but thank you for commenting nonetheless, giving your input and suggestions really help me figure out what videos to do.

Speaking of the channel, the most recent series features my little adventures in Hong Kong with family and friends this holiday season. If you are interested in watching or may have missed one, you can check them out in the playlist here. There should be six videos in total, the last one featuring my trip to Disneyland in Hong Kong (which will be uploaded soon).


There will definitely be first impressions for as many first episodes I can get my hands on. As well, a poll will go up for you guys to give your vote on what reviews you’d like to see this season. For now, please check out the poll below and vote on what types of videos you guys want to see more of in 2015. Your opinion really matters to me so if you have time and you enjoy my content, please take the time to offer a few clicks.

Two more hauls will be coming on the channel. One vlog will focus on a Girl’s Haul with merchandise for otome, Free, UtaPri and shoujo fans. Another vlog will focus on another fun fandom of mine. As well, I am trying really hard to schedule in time to film some rants for you guys cause there’s really A LOT going on in the anime world every day, all the time.

I have recently been inspired to do street photography again. I went on a photography crawl with a close friend in Hong Kong the other day so when those photos are processed and edited, they will go up on the blog.


I will be returning to the UK this week and settling into an exam schedule routine when I get back. Videos are coming as soon as I can, as quick as I can film and edit them. Blog posts come as soon as episodes are released. What excites me about getting back to the UK is the Out of the Box that’s coming from a pre-ordered package from Japan so if you guys are curious about that don’t forget to subscribe and stay tuned for more ^^

Always I like to remind you guys that the blog is always most updated above all else, though Twitter comes a close second. The channel runs on its own rhythm though it often cross-references with blog recaps and reviews for popular series. You guys can also check out Tumblr for other fun posts or Facebook for regularly updated posts.

Once again, thank you so much for reading, commenting and dropping into my blog and my channel. I will continue doing my best in the upcoming year to link you guys with the coolest reviews, recaps, merchandise features.

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– Cloudy

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Chibi Maruko-chan 25th Anniversary in Hong Kong

Hey guys today I’m bringing nostalgia back with a special blog post on the Chibi Maruko-chan exhibit that was hosted at Causeaway Bay. Chibi Maruko-chan is a slice of life manga originally by Momoka Sakura and was later adapted into an anime series. The manga ran from 1986 to 2009 and trademark Maruko-chan expression she sports is still echoed in many anime characters’ comedic facial features today. I hit a fangirl max with all the pictures I took and all the running around I did to get all the stamps and see all the sculptures. Special shout out to my mom for helping me find all three malls and plazas cause I would not have been able to manage navigating Causeaway Bay on my own even though the malls were all relatively close.

There was a main sculpture walk through at the big Windsor Mall where the main display was set-up and in conjunction with two other malls, fans and tourists were sent on a scavenger hunt to scour out three different stamp machines and five different Maruko-chan sculptures in three different malls. I really enjoyed the little quest they sent us on. Since it was the 25th Anniversary celebration of Chibi Maruko-chan’s popular history in Hong Kong, there was also commemorative memorabilia to buy, a small gallery of vintage merchandise, key animation frames and anime notes as well as a fun draw you could participate in for a little prize. Some of you guys ask me what was my very first anime I watched and I really think it has to be Chibi Maruko-chan when I was about four or five years old. I barely remember the story nowadays but I do remember Maruko-chan’s fun-loving charm and hilarious expressions when interacting with other characters.

Stamp Machine and Stamp Booklet

ChibiMaruko-chan Sculptures and other decorative illustrations:

Chibi Maruko-chan Gallery:

Main Chibi Maruko Display at the Windsor Mall:

I hope you guys enjoy this video, took my a while to edit the photos but really I only fixed some of the brightness and added my watermark. Please credit me if you use my photos, thank you all for reading and dropping in. If you haven’t seen or heard of Chibi-Maruko before I highly recommend you give the series a try if you’re looking to delve into some old school manga that made a fairly big impact in the history of the otaku world.

– Cloudy

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Pom Pom Purin in Hong Kong!!

Hey guys how are you all? I hope you’ve all had wonderful holiday celebrations with your family and friends. I know I have and there are quite a few interesting holiday events and installations to check out this time of the year in Hong Kong. One particular character named Pom Pom Purin was featured in a lovely display at the Metro City Plaza at Po Lam. Pom Pom Purin is a Sanrio character and it is typically associated with tea and pudding. It’s translated Chinese name literally means Pudding Puppy (or dog).

I found these sculptures and little displays really quite festive and fitting for the holidays. They went with a dreamy Christmas Wonderland theme while keeping to the golds and caramels unique to the Pom Pom Purin trademark look. There was even a crane game and promotional features for fans to check out. Overall I was really impressed with how this event went.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post =) Regularly scheduled reviews will return soon!

– Cloudy

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Kuroshitsuji (黒執事) Book of Circus & Murder Animate Cafe

Hey guys how are you all? I’ve been crazy busy this week with family stuff and family friend meet-ups but I did have a chance to swing by the latest Animate Cafe featured in Tseun Wan, Hong Kong. The cafe is based on Yana Toboso’s popular series, Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler, mainly with poster prints, character stand-ups and a lovely menu themed around the Book of Circus and Book of Murder arc. The Book of Circus anime adaptation just finished this summer season and the Book of Murder arc will be released as an OVA.

This was my very first Animate Cafe and the food wasn’t as bad as I expected. Actually, it was quite tasty for food that was mostly featured for the sake of the theme. Each drink came with a free coaster and each dish came with a bookmark, all were blind draws so you didn’t get to pick your favourite design. For the coasters I got Sebastian and Charles Phipps. There were five bookmark designs in total and I was SO CLOSE to getting all of them but in the end I got one duplicate. I went with two other people so we got quite a few dishes. We ordered the hamburger steak, curry, darjeeling tea, hot chocolate, the afternoon tea set and the strawberry parfait. For an extra 20 HK dollars (around 4-5 Canadian or US dollars), the parfait came with a lovely folder. As well, I got a button and an extra key chain from the gift shop part of the cafe, both were blind-draw boxes, specially featured for this event. I was thrilled to receive the Joker on both pieces because not only is he exclusive to the Book of Circus arc, he’s also voice by my favourite voice actor, Mamoru Miyano. Below you’ll also find a picture (I secretly took) of Daisuke Ono’s signature \*O*/ (yeah, you’re not supposed to take pictures LOL)

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did, don’t forget to check out my channel over on Youtube for more vlogs because this video is part of a new series of vlogs I’m featuring this holiday taking place in Hong Kong ^^


Snoopy 65th Anniversary in Hong Kong

Here’s the story of how I happened upon a legion of Snoopys…

DSC_5032My mom had arrived in Hong Kong a few weeks earlier than me and the first place she took me the morning after I arrived was the APM Mall in Kwun Tong where she knew the giant anniversary commemorative display was set up.Growing up, Charles Schulz’ Peanuts gang was my favourite comic strip series and it still is. I just love Schulz’s characters for their varying personalities, quirky and amusing interactions. He has some of the most unforgettable classic characters ever. My favourite tidbit of the display? The giant character statues that showcased Snoopy’s transformation from his early days on all fours, to the 90s where he hits that iconic image.

If you’re looking for some live footage, check out the first vlog in my Hong Kong Christmas Series on my channel!!

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(Please credit me if you use my pictures and let me know!!)

Aropa @ K11


Hi guys! As promised, I’m introducing another cute travel café that you should definitely stop by at. It’s called Aropa and is located in the K11 mall within the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station in Hong Kong. I had high tea there with my parents and a Tiramisu that was TO DIE FOR! Seriously, the tiramisu is the best thing there, with a steaming hot cup of earl grey tea and you’re good to go.

IMG-20130617-00025The best thing about this high tea was that there was a good balance between finger foods and dessert. Aside from cakes and mini sandwiches, they included tarts, some biscotti and other unique pairings.

The service is really great and if you go during the week there aren’t that many people because the café is located on the uppermost level of K11. If you’re planning on travelling to Hong Kong soon are you live around the area, I strongly suggest you grab a few friends and have tea there!

– Cloudy

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How Sweet is too Sweet?


It has been grey and gloomy since I got back to Canada and the rainy weather can really get you down. So lately, I’ve been munching on these super sweet and fruit hard candies I got from Sticky in Hong Kong. Located in K11, underground in one of the branches of Tsim Sha Tsui’s giant MTR station, these candy makers are cool and collected professionals even as they handle hot and gooey hot candy.

IMG-20130617-00035Inside the store, there are tons of flavours and designs to choose from. Every candy is made and designed to show a little picture
or words settled in the innards of the candy. The candy starts off as a giant roll and chunk of hot mouldable sugar. The candymakers keep rolling and stretching the candy till the roll becomes small and thin enough to cut into the little chunks that we pop into our mouths. The process is totally mesmerizing to watch!

K11 is a little mall within the station that specializes in confectionary and desserts. If you have a sweet tooth like me, it’s the place to go to for gourmet chocolates, specialty cupcakes and other tasty treats!

Thanks for tuning into another little travel blurb! Stay tuned for another feature found in K11!

– Cloudy

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Cityscape Photography

Hey guys, here’s some photography I took off the balcony of my aunt’s apartment in Hong Kong. The city lights are absolutely gorgeous over there and i couldn’t help but play around with some light painting we as well.

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Hong Kong Dragonboat Carnival 2013

Hello fellow photographers, viewers and bloggers!

Here’s some cool photography I shot from the Dragonboat Carnival in Hong Kong this year. The composition was a little tricky to work with since the dragonboats are so long and there were tons of distracting banners in the background. I’m not usually a sports photographer so this was my first time shooting something this instant and far. These were done with a Nikon D7000 and a 18-200mm Nikon lens. Clearly I didn’t have enough zoom power since my 55-300mm lens was out of commission T_T Aperture and shutter settings vary since I played around with the numbers as the races went on. Also, none of these photographs have been touched up or photo-shopped in any way.

Do you guys have any tips for shooting sports games or sport events? If so, please let me know in the comments! Thanks for dropping in!

– Cloudy

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Riso Secreto Review


Looking for a cute cafe around Yau Tong? Well, just off the MTR is the Domain, a new mall that recently opened. Riso Secreto is on the second floor near a clear set of windows. Sipping Riso’s mango tea or having their cuppacino while nibbling on honey sausages is a simply splendid way to spend the afternoon. The masquerade theme makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

IMG-20130620-00070Around the cafe is 3-4 floors of different stores. There’s something for everybody but especially for kids… The giant toy store and arcade on the fourth floor is definitely a hit with the kids. There’s also a bookstore, an artist feature store for crafts and jewelry as well as a small music store for piano sheet music. Of course, like every other mall, there are plenty of fashion brands and a few shoe stores. What makes this mall great is that its convenient, off the MTR and right next to the bus terminal.

Hope you guys enjoyed this travel post… I left Hong Kong so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to post all my little travel blurbs. So I’m gonna rewind a bit and keep posting all the reviews and rants that I’ve been safekeeping for a while.

Thank you so much for reading! I’m sure I will talk to you guys very soon!

– Cloudy
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