Out of the Box: Clock Zero Cards

Hey guys, in honour of the new Diabolik Lovers series that’s ongoing this season. I wanted to share with you guys my cards from Clock Zero playing cards.


Clock Zero is another otome visual novel which follows a girl named Kurou Nadeshiko who ends up joining a club called Clock Zero… Throw in some romance, a few routes, some supernatural elements and time skips. I find each of the male characters pretty interesting so if you understand Japanese and you’re into otome visual novels, try the game!

I got these from a gashapon machine while I was in Japan (so I guess a better title to this post would be “out of the ball”) and they fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. The art from the game is well represented in the scenes where the couples are depicted and I love the chibi character designs of the boys!

I hope you guys liked this quickie post. I really hope for a Clock Zero anime sometime in the near future…

– Cloudy