SHINee – Your Number Lyrics (Romaji and Kanji)

Hello everybody!! Today I’m back with another song transliteration for SHINee’s most recent Japanese single, Your Number. I decided to upload this particular post today because it’s SHINee’s official Seventh Anniversary!! WHOOOO #7YearsWithSHINee <333 As such, I am really proud … Continue reading

SHINee – LOVE Romaji Lyrics

Hey guys, so today I wanted to share with you all one of the first set of lyrics I’ve ever done for a song. If you don’t know from my Youtube channel already, I’m a huge fan of k-pop and … Continue reading

Clannad~After Story Rant & Review

Hey guys!! This is probably way overdue but I finally finished Clannad after story. Took me a while too, I watched, I paused, I re-watched Clannad and then I finished it. Normally you don’t see the character’s lives after high … Continue reading

Clannad Review

Slice-of-life. Comedy. Visual Novel. Romance. Reverse Harem. Drama. Fairytale. Clannad is many things. In the past I’d seen Air and Kanon 2006 and to be honest, I wasn’t really impressed by the stories that I was given. Yes, Kyoto Animation … Continue reading