Tokyo Ravens Episode 24 Review – The End?

Episode Rating: Unrated. The Recap: The episode begins with a flashback to the past when Kon first met Yakou in his lifetime. Awkward and blunt transition into the present day, Harutora, Suzuka, Touji and Kon are still escaping from Zenjirou’s … Continue reading

Tokyo Ravens Episode 23 Review & Pre-Finale Thoughts

I really loved this episode of Tokyo Ravens. There was so much action, so much plot advancement, so much build-up that I am just dying to see the finale. Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds  When Menma parted ways with Touji, … Continue reading

Tokyo Ravens Episode 21 and 22 Review

I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT NATSUME IS REALLY DEAD. THEY KILLED HER. OHMIGOD. WHY. Episode 21 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds  Harutora is in total denial at first and really I couldn’t even touch this anime in the last two weeks. I’m … Continue reading

Tokyo Ravens Episode 20 Review – TWISTS, SPOILERS AND MORE

I have to say that after twenty episodes, as we near the finale of Tokyo Ravens, episode 20 really put everything that’s happened thus far, into perspective, and when I say everything, I REALLY MEAN EVERYTHING – including the little … Continue reading

Tokyo Ravens 18 and 19 Review

Hey guys, I am so sorry I’ve been gone from Tokyo Ravens for almost three weeks but I’ve been super busy with midterms and assignments but I’m really excited for the last arc of Tokyo Ravens with the plot building … Continue reading

Tokyo Ravens Episode 16 and 17 Rant and Review

Natsume’s class is being “protected” by the Ogre Eater Divine General as the Twin Horn Syndicate is being taken down. The group meets Kagami’s familiar, Shaver – a super dangerous familiar that the Omnyo Agency has forbidden Kagami from using… … Continue reading

Tokyo Ravens Episode 14 and 15 Review

Hey guys, I’ve been struggling with internet a lot again at my house again and it’s seriously putting a delay on my seasonal anime but today I’m really excited to be reviewing the latest two episodes of Tokyo Ravens because … Continue reading

Tokyo Ravens Episode 12-13 Review

I’ve been gone for a while with Tokyo Ravens cause the action seriously slowed down near the end of the Fall Season so this two episode post is really just more of a recap on what’s happened so far and … Continue reading

Tokyo Ravens Episode 11 Review

I think one word to describe Tokyo Ravens so far would be… inconsistent. They have sudden action that’s pretty intense action for a few episodes… and then no action at all, in fact, we slip into the slice of life … Continue reading

Tokyo Ravens Episode 9 & 10 Revew

Episode 9 Rating: 5/5 happy clouds  THIS EPISODE WAS AWESOME because it showcased the talents of all our favourite characters and I think Touji was the MVP here. Either Touji or Natsume… As the episode opens, Natsume and Harutora are … Continue reading