MCM Comicon London 2015 HAUL + BONUS GOODIES!!

Hey guys, here are some close up pictures of prints and merch featured in the two MCM Comicon haul videos. It was really such a pleasure to be able to attend one last convention before I had to leave the UK. I hope you’ll check out all the artists and vendors listed in the description box of the Youtube videos.


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MCM London Comicon 2015

MCM Comicon London Spring 2015 (1)

Hey guys how are you all? Today I wanted to share with you guys all of the really awesome pictures that I got from MCM Comicon in London. I only had time to pop into London for a day since the convention is smack dab in the middle of my exam season but I had tons of fun talking with cosplayers, artists and con-goers all day. MCM in London takes place at the Excel Centre, an absolutely gigantic venue and rightly so because there were tons of panels and special guests featured for the weekend. I ended up at the Bandai Namco panel and Agents of Shield panel before the cosplay show. I actually found the Fall convention in London more exciting than the spring one because there seemed to be more anime cosplayers in the Fall however I ended up stumbling into a HUGE Disney photo shoot which was a real treat for me as a fan.

In order to travel light I brought along my Nikon 1 J3 with the 10-30mm lens great for casual photography and vlogging of course. My camera actually used up both batteries before the end of the day so I didn’t get as many photos during the cosplay showcase as I would have liked however I did grab a ton of video footage throughout the entire Saturday. The vlog will be uploaded soon and of course a Haul video is also in the works. I hope you guys enjoy these photos and don’t forget to check out MCM Comicon’s official site to see where their other conventions will be taking place in the UK.

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MCM London Comicon 2014 Dealer’s Room Haul

Here are close up pictures of all the merchandise I got from the Dealer’s room at MCM in London this year. Great variety of dealers and tons of UtaPri & Free goods \>v</ If you guys are looking for the vlog… click here!

MCM London Comicon 2014 Artist Alley Haul

MCM London Comicon 2014

MCM London Comicon TItle

Hey guys, how are you all? Today I wanted to share with you guys some really fun and casual cosplay photos I took at MCM London Comicon. This was my very first convention in the UK and I only went on the Saturday of the three-day con weekend however it was probably the biggest convention I’ve been to thus far… Although the panels were more of a minor aspect of the convention itself, it had a phenomenal Dealer’s Room, Artist Alley and sponsor’s stands presenting tons of great merchandise, fanart, crafts, and promotional activities for new games.

The MCM London Comicon VLOG will also be coming soon as well as the HAUL video on my channel =D

I also got to hear Shinichiro Watanabe speak LIVE. AHHHHH!!!! He talked a lot about his latest creations this year – Space Dandy and Zankyou no Terror, two series different in every way. It was really insightful to hear him talk about the contrasting elements of each show from its animation to its music and Watanabe-san’s own connections with each series and plot. A fan asked Watanabe-san what motivated him to create a story using terror as a theme and Watanabe-san answered by saying that he didn’t start out with the desire to explore the theme of terror. Rather, he started out with the characters, a group of troubled teenagers against society and it just so happened that the medium of the story through which these characters were explored was terrorism. Was it realistic? Yes and no. Watanabe-san said he intended it to be both realistic and also sort of fantasy-like and he decided on a somewhat open-ended conclusion to the series because he really meant for his viewers to offer their own interpretations of the story, its emotions, characters and themes. It really was such an honour to hear him speak about his works.

Since Saturday is always the biggest day of the convention there were TONS of cosplayers. I really enjoyed the convention as a fan so these pictures are really casual and unprofessional in every way. I took them with a Nikon 1 camera and really just snapped shots of what I liked and a lot of times I ended up zooming in to crop the feet out just cause I was so intrigued by the actual cosplay piece itself. I hope you guys enjoyed these photos nonetheless.

My favourite pics are definitely the ones I got of Love Live’s μ’s (Muse) idols. (∩˃o˂∩)♡ Not gonna lie, I really tried to find all of them…

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FanExpo Canada Photography Part 2

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FanExpo Canada 2014 Photography Part 1

This gallery contains 75 photos.

Cloudy’s Secret Hobby- Online Gaming; the Rant

Hi guys, I know I’ve disappeared for about two days and it’s because I am SO SWAMPED with work lately… which is why I was inspired to do this post. Today I’ll be talking about one of my favourite distressing pastimes and that’s GAMING RAWR!

LaTaleI’m sure some of you guys probably game on your phones, at home, online, there are games everyone and it’s a great way to kill time during travel time to and from class or just pass the day away. I love logging online and partying with all my friends into dungeons and let my inner geeky gamer Cloudy out for a few minutes… sometimes a few hours. All of you are probably wondering if I play the two big ones – World of Warcraft or League of Legends and to be honest, I really don’t… I’m jut not a really big fan of the art style or the orientation of the game world. I’ve played LaTale, Maple Story, Mabinogi, Age of Wushu (Wulin), Club Penguin, Neopets (no shame), some by Gaia of which the names escape me, and many otome games… and of course, Tetris on Tetris Friends Online just because that’s my classic childhood mindless go-to game (well, not so mindless)

I lean to online games a lot so it’s either generated by the browser or easily downloadable. I’m mainly fan of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) games and it’s not only gaming, but social media at the same time because you get to connect with friends or family members on the other side of the globe playing the same game as you. It’s much more exciting than gaming on my own, that’s for sure. I love the MMORPG interactions with people who share similar interest with me and I enjoy following otome browser games over the summer every once in a while ❤

Maple Story

The big game I’ve never really been able to get away from was Maple Story. I first played it in elementary school when the experience points were A LOT HARDER TO GET. Hell, there use to be only 6 servers. Our whole gang in grade seven and eight played and it was a great interactive way to connect and chill together after school. I was really obsessed for a while… and when the hype finally died down, I thought it was over and done with, just a phase. Low and behold grade ten when I decided to game Maple Story again over the summer as a way to pass the time. Once again, levelling was extremely difficult. AND now we get to the present year, when the Maple world was restructured, the quests reorganized, the grading curve levelled out and the stories rewritten.  I have to admit, my current self is pretty impressed with the newly remade Maple World so if you hated the old one, you’ll love the new one. Seriously.

Recently Age of Wulin has been really great to me too. Since it’s a sandbox style game, you make an account, choose your professions and really cultivate your skills at your own pace. For lovers of ancient Chinese series, history buffs or general martial arts enthusiasts will love love love the world! If you’re into chibi anime art style gaming, go check out LaTale or Maple Story– but if you’re looking for a bit more refined animation, go for Mabinogi or Age of Wushu (Wulin). I generally like two dimensional games because I feel like I have more control when everything’s on one side of me, but I am really impressed with gamers who can manage three dimensional landscapes and still manage to stay alive during dungeon raids or zombie apocalypse hunts.

I’m not an intense gamer on a day-to-day basis which is why I generally try to stay away from the MASSIVE massively multiplayer online role playing games. What I found confusing about some of the big epic fantasy games was how they changed up a lot of the terms to be game-specific. For example, in Age of Wulin, experience points are called cultivation points and it takes a little while for your brain to make those connections when you bounce from game to game.

Part of why I enjoy choosing simple magic worlds involving classic quest styled adventures is because I love stepping into fantasy settings through the role of a character of my choosing whether it be a Hero, a resistance fighter, an Elf Queen or a regular adventurer, and seeing the world through their lens. And really, the fantasy genre is my personal preference but depending on what you like, whether it’s steampunk or sci-fi, dark fantasy or supernatural, there’s probably a game out there for you. Accounts are free and you don’t even have to pay for the game. Overall, MMORPGs are generally easy to catch onto due to the bulk of tutorials that are provided for you at the beginning, once you get ahold of the system, everything comes naturally and there’s no intense pressure to really do anything. You can immerse yourself in the game’s main storyline or reach a certain level and use that status to simply travel the land. I find that hunting down monsters is a great way to vent your rage or stress when it comes to the escapist aspects of the games. My preferred professions are usually archers, crossbowmen, hunters or anything involving medium to long distance projectiles. Somehow I don’t feel secure as a magic user cause if I ever run out of mana, I’m dead met and I’m usually too lazy to run up to monsters to kill them in direct combat so I generally prefer clearing the path up before I proceed. As well, I’ve found that long distance battle generally means fewer hits to health, but then again, I salute the master swordsmen who can charge into an army of orcs or goblins and leave completely unscathed or the master cleric or wizard who can level the earth with ground shaking lightning or storms of fire.

MapleStory Heroes

So now we’re nearing the end of our rant. I don’t do these often so I hope you all enjoyed this. Let me know why you guys game, which ones are your favourites and what profession you generally choose. If you play Maple Story (which is what I’m currently on), I would love to game with some of you and if you are not a Mapler, go try that game now! The character designs are adorable, the music is catchy, navigate and the fact that I keep returning it to periodically in my life says something about the story and world.

Thanks for reading!

– Cloudy

What are you pondering today?   –Wouldn’t it be cool if one day MMORPGs became virtual reality oriented? *secretly wishes for actual Log Horizon, .hack and Sword Art Online (without the actual dying in game and life thing – duh!)

Being a Healthy Otaku

otakuI have a lot of friends who like to power through anime or manga series in one sitting. They often forget about taking care of their bodies, especially the ones who like to finish visual novels in one sitting or trying to juggle League of Legends or World of Warcraft with work, every day errands, extracurricular activities and school work. During exams this year, when I advised one of my university friends to perhaps shift a bit of time off his visual novel gaming to his studies, he told me he’s willing to forgo sleep to keep up both his visual novel story and  his exam studies… Both are of the same weighted importance of course.


I also have a friend back home who stays up till four in the morning both working and anime-watching at the same time… It was a bad idea to introduce Ouran to him (LOL).  When I attend anime or hobbyist conventions, I see people camping out in their cars with nothing more than three bags of chips and a bottle of 2L pop.

There is just not enough time to watch anime AND do everything you’re expected to do on a regular basis and with the flurry of weekday and the short 48 hours of the weekend, our health often falls second – no, last, to our To-Do list. So today I’m going to share with you guys a few of my healthy living tips as an anime series follower and avid manga series reader.

1)      Making the Snackies Healthier

482922-healthy-breakfast-of-yogurt-and-berriesJust because Kyoko is munching on a new snack every time the scene changes doesn’t mean you have to! But you’re probably wondering, “What else am I going to do while I watch anime?” Snacking is a big thing for late night anime watchers and speaking from personal experience, I know how quickly chocolate bars and chip bags run out when you’re at an intense part of the story. However, we end up ingesting a lot of sugar and a lot of sodium with all the junk food snackies. Instead of giant bags of chips and a box of cookies, go for fruit and yogurt or some veggies and dip. Personally, I love snacking on blueberries when I watch anime. I guarantee the slight change in diet will make a difference to your physique and overall energy levels.

e9UOW2)      Everything in Moderation

If you’re really craving junk food, have snacks in portions. Don’t rip the entire bag open with your teeth like an animal! (or starving Otaku), pour a fixed amount in a bowl and leave it at that. Trust me; your lazy self won’t want to get up for more chips while you’re fixed on the anime. And if you really need to eat at night cause you’re going for an all-night with a visual novel, go for smaller portions of snacks or liquids like tea or chocolate milk. You DO NOT need caffeine at three in the morning.

3)      Get Up and Stretch

tumblr_m8swj9wAt51qbjtqb Nine out of ten people who are streaming or watching a downloaded anime will shave off the opening and ending songs. I’m here to tell you not to do that! Well… I do it too, because I GOTS TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

imagesBut I’ve found that the best thing to do while the opening songs or closing credits are playing is to get up and move about. Sitting at your desk or lying in bed or on a couch for too long can cause back pain or muscle fatigue. Also, those of you who have a tendency to contort into strange positions on your chair while anime watching know that numb legs are not fun.

A simple stretch will do. Move your arms about, roll those shoulders, shake out those legs! Touch your toes… if you can. If you want, get up and dance to the closing song! (Especially if you’re watching The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.)


4)      Go Outside

295345_552436541475590_1384373968_nWhile we’re on the topic of stretching, it’s nice to go outside once in a while… you know, see the sun. You’ll hiss and screech for a few seconds while your eyes and your skin gets used to the light. Download and take your favourite anime soundtracks with you while you take a walk or go for a jog! Everyone needs a bit of exercise once in a while. With the weather getting warmer and warmer, it’s perfect to take Ho-kagoTea Time or the Vocaloids with you while you’re riding your bike, rollerblading or just taking a stroll through the park.


5)      Clean up your Collection

If you’re like me and have numerous manga series, anime DVD’s and a ton of otaku merchandise, you’ll know what a big endeavour it is to reorganize your collection. For some reason, we tend to stop everything in our lives to follow an anime or manga series. But no more! This is the time to get out of your seat, dust those figurines, shelve those manga and throw out that packaging you tossed in the corner from last month’s purchase! Reorganizing your anime and manga collections will give your room a new look and that lemony smell of cleaning supplies will drive out all the leftover scents of instant noodles! Chores are actually a great way to move about, burn some of those calories and give your muscles a workout. Compile your favourite anime music, crank it up and CLEAN!

6)      Cosplay


Need some motivation? Think of that your cosplay costume that you’ll be wearing for the next hot con! Cutting down your intake of sugar and sodium plus a little exercise will have you look super kawaii or BADASS for that upcoming convention. I’m not saying that you have to be stick-skinny like the CLAMP characters cause that’s not physically possible, but being healthier will not only make you look good but FEEL GOOD too with extra stamina for long and demanding conventions.

BONUS! Beauty Tip for the Girls

Sheet masks and DIY homemade masks are the best to have one while you’re watching anime. It only takes a few minutes to mix together an organic honey and lemon mask or peel open a package for a cleansing sheet mask. In whatever season and weather, our skin is always under the pressures of our stress and environment and we don’t always have time to pamper ourselves so why not treat yourself to a nourishing beauty mask while you’re relaxing with your favourite anime series. (If you’re interested in DIY masks, stay tuned for future posts!)


I hope you guys found this post at least a little useful. I’m very excited to have this Light Living Otaku section up. If you guys enjoyed this, feel free to like or follow for new stuff daily! Thank you so much for reading!

– Cloudy

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