Akame Ga Kill Episode 13 and Halfmark Thoughts

I’m quite impressed at the little King’s efforts to pair up Esdease with a guy. Seems like that’s the only thing he really puts thought into these days… Speaking of which, someone really needs to take that ugly ass minister … Continue reading

Akame Ga Kill Episode 12 Review

NEW REVAMPED NIGHT RAID TEAM OFFICIALLY INTRODUCED THIS WEEK. The first is Chelsea, a cute new red-haired assassin who loves lollipops. I want her to be my best friend. The second is a really badass neat freak fighter named Susanoo. … Continue reading

Akame Ga Kill Episode 11 Review

Mr. Stylish’s soldiers look like ugly hookers. Sorry. Not sorry. This series could improve a bit with the character designs LOL The episode jumps around to different characters during the raid so today’s review jumps around with some of my … Continue reading

Akame Ga Kill Episode 10 Review

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds  Soooooo Tatsumi ends up recruited into the Jaegers… and you’d think that a fearsome general like Esdese would do a background check on someone as important and close to her as her LOVER. LE LOLLLLLLLL The … Continue reading

Akame Ga Kill Episode 9 Review

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds  So it’s somewhat nice to see Lubbock and Tatsumi take up their training seriously now that Braht’s died. Najenda heads out to recruits some new members while Esdease begins assembling her teigu team. As much as … Continue reading

Akame Ga Kill Episode 8 Review

Rating: 4.25/5 curiously excited clouds  I know I’ve been putting off this episode because after reading this part in the manga, it was just so intense and emotional that it leaves you in a void for a while. This episode … Continue reading

Akame Ga Kill Episode 7 Review & Remarks

I feel like Akame Ga Kill is doing a really great anime adaptation of its original story and for this reason, there isn’t much to review or critique because well, battle action shonen usually transfers pretty well onto the screen. … Continue reading

Akame ga Kill Episode 6 Review

To be honest, I haven’t really been feeling the shonen mood lately (I’m also really sleep-deprived, but then again which otaku isn’t?) which is why I put off this episode of Akame ga Kill but because I’m meticulous about doing my … Continue reading

Akame ga Kill Episode 5 Review

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds  This episode focuses a bit on Schere’s past and sets the plot up for the impeding battle in the next episode. Tatsumi is shadowing Schere and as clumsy and sweet as she seems, she has one … Continue reading

Akame ga Kill Episode 4 Review

AWESOME episode of Akame ga Kill. With the battles we’ve seen with Night Raid thus far, our characters’ abilities haven’t been pushed to the max because there haven’t been ample opportunities. This episode pitches one teigu or imperial arms user, … Continue reading