Mahou Shoujo Taisen Episode 1 Impressions

Colourful. Everything is so colourful. And adorable. And cute. Colour and cuteness overload. Stahhhhhpiiittt.My first impressions of Mahou Shoujo Taisen and your first impressions as well, will be how completely unique the art and animation style is. This adorable four … Continue reading

Horimiya First Impressions

Hello everyone and today we’re looking at another fun manga that I recently got into and binge read in two nights. The series is still ongoing but I really wanted to share my thoughts on Horimiya with you guys. It … Continue reading

Night-it-Up! 2013 Photography

Hi everyone! I hope you have all been well! Today I’m sharing some photography I grabbed at Night-it-Up that took place last weekend in front of the Markham Civic Centre.


Shooting at Night-it-Up was definitely a challenge. I arrived around 8:30 with my camera ready and there was still a bit of light in the sky. As I kept shooting, it kept getting darker and I had to pause between every few minutes to reset my camera until the sky turned pitch black. It wasn’t only lighting that was a challenge but the hordes of people bumping and shifting in crowds trying to get to where they want to go. I think shooting from an aerial perspective would give me some really cool light effects. However, I’m only 5 foot, quite short and there wasn’t much to climb up on. Maybe I should have took my chances with the trees LOL

These photographs are shot with my trusty Nikon D3100 and a 17-70mm Sigma macro lens. As always, these haven’t been edited or touched up except for the title photography where I added some text. This weekend I’m going to try to get into the T&T Waterfront Night Market to scope out some nice shots. There’s definitely going to be A LOT more people. Hopefully I don’t get squashed! Wish me luck!

Hope you guys enjoy these and thank you so much for reading!

– Cloudy

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