Back-to-School Tips for Otakus

Oh no… Summer’s ended… and for many of you, that means school is starting. Again. For many of who for which that latter statement is true, you might be dreading the semester or term because it means there’ll be a lot more quadratic equations, classical literature and lab reports and a lot less anime, gaming and moe manga… So for those of you who need some help balancing all that schoolwork with otaku time, I’m here to help you out!


Konata1) Schedule Your Time- You are definitely going to need to prioritize your work with anime watching or reading manga. Balance is key. You don’t want to spend all day marathoning your favourite series and forget your assignments, but you don’t want to turn into a workaholic either.

Kirito_nervegear2) Explore your School Clubs- I’m the public relations executive on my university anime club and I have tons of fun organizing events and promoting anime nights. Go out and meet people!! Don’t just make friends online *cough Kirito* Sport your favourite anime shirt or your awesome buttons onto your bag. You never know who you might approach you because you had OnePiece buttons on your hat or you were using your Naruto frog coins purse 😉

3) Let your anime inspire you- Suzumiya Haruhi, Hyouka, Free- Iwatobi Swim Club, Hikaru no Go… Ouran High School Host Club? Take an example from your favourite anime characters and start your own club if a club you like doesn’t exist. Maybe you’ll make friends who like the same anime or manga as you and you’ll find yourself fangirling, or fanboying over the same series.

Azu manga Daioh4) Have some self restraint (I’m serious.)- Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day for EVERYTHING. But remember, you still have the weekend. Get the serious stuff done first and use anime as a motivational tool and a reward for your efforts after you finish.

I hope you guys found these tips somewhat useful. Just be sure to be yourself. If you’re an otaku, be proud of it. Don’t worry what other people think because you’ll want to make friends who like the same things as you. If you’re nervous, just remember to smile! Confidence will come gradually so take it a step at a time! I hope your school years go smoothly!


– Cloudy

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30 Day Light Otaku Living Anime Challenge!!

Hi everyone! Today I’m really excited to share with you all my own 30 Day Light Otaku Living Anime challenge! ARE YOU UP FOR IT?!?!?!?!?

konata-amp-kagami ARE YOU READY?

1)     Very first anime series

2)      Favourite childhood anime

3)      Favourite anime of all time

4)      The anime character you relate to the most

5)      The anime character that would be your best friend

6)      Best anime couple

7)      Favourite shonen series?

8)      Favourite shojo series?

9)      Best genre or combination of genres

10)   The anime that gave you the feels

11)   The anime character(s) that you crush on

12)   Most epic battle

13)   Saddest anime ever

14)   Happiest anime

15)   Most epic story and plot overall

16)   Most hated character

17)   Most annoying character

18)   Favourite weapon or gear from an anime

19)   Favourite method of transportation

20)   Best gang of friends

21)   Funniest scene from an anime

22)   Most romantic moment

23)   Favourite location

24)   Favourite voice actor/actress

25)   Favourite Cosplay

26)   Amazing anime soundtrack

27)   An anime you would like a video game for (if one doesn’t exist already)

28)   An anime you want to see a sequel for

29)   An anime for which you wish there was no sequel

30) Most epic philosophy or life lesson


I love these challenges. They’re super fun to do and often remind you of much loved or hilarious anime that you’ve forgotten or set aside… I hope you guys enjoy this anime challenge and a 30 Day manga challenge will be uploaded very soon! (Yes, there are differences between the two) Thank you so much for reading! New posts are coming every day!!

– Cloudy

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Hidamari Sketch Volume 1 Review

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Hi everyone! Today I’m finally back from Anime North and I have a super fun sunny summer read for you guys. Hidamari Sketch is a four-panel manga by Ume Aoki. I absolutely love four-panel comic strips … Continue reading

Anime & Manga Amazing Mothers!

Why we love them and why they rock…

mama2 Mama Higurashi from Inuyasha- Starting with a classic that everyone loves, Mama Higurashi must be one of the most understanding mothers in the world. She knows that Kagome risks her life in the feudal era yet she supports her daughter in any way possible whether it’s packing a giant yellow backpack full of rations, being present for Kagome through her emotional troubles or lying to the school about her daughter’s whereabouts and wellbeing. This is a mother who wants nothing more than her daughter’s happiness.

108448Junko Kaname from Magica Madoka- Appearing only for a handful of times through the short twelve-episodes, the anime mostly focuses on the interactions between the five magic girls. However, Junko’s role is rather significant as her wise words and warm affections influence Madoka’s decision to become a magic girl. She supports her Madoka’s endeavour to run to Homura’s aid despite the secrets that her daughter has been keeping from her. She and her husband raised Madoka to be a kind and compassionate person.


Juri Kuran from Vampire Knight- One of the prettiest and sweetest mothers I’ve ever encountered in anime and manga. A significant member of the pure-blood Kuran line, she stood by her husband even when her family was being targeted and sacrificed herself to seal her daughter’s vampire essence so Yuki could grow up safe as a human, protected from the vampire world.




minato-naruto-and-kushina-uzumaki-familyKushina Uzumaki from Naruto- Kushina Uzumaki grew up in a war-torn era and suffered the hardships of being the Nine-Tails host, however, she still became a courageous wife and loving mother to both her husband Minato, the fourth Hokage, and her son Naruto. She ultimately gave her life for her family and her village when she allowed the Nine-Tails to be sealed in her instead of her son because she didn’t want Naruto to grow up as a jinchuriki and an orphan. It’s cute how much Naruto and his mother are similar in personality and spirit.



Yukari Takara from Lucky Star- Like mother, like daughter; Miyuki Takara’s gentle but klutzy demeanour must come from her mother Yukari. She’s always cheerful and easygoing, sometimes being a little moe despite being a much older woman. She’s often mistaken for her daughter’s older sister and frequently teases Miyuki in an affectionate and adorable way.



Queen_SerenityQueen Serenity Sailor Moon- This Queen is not only mother of Princess Usagi/Serena by also mother of the moon who reigned during the Silver Millenium. She perished protecting her daughter through the destruction of the Moon Kingdom, praying that Usagi would have another chance at life and love. In the 20th century, she frequently appears to aid Sailor Moon in her times of struggle.


I hope you guys liked this anime spotlight. Whether in anime and manga or in real life, mothers are always the most supportive and loving figures in your life! Remember to shower your mom with lots of hugs and thank yous’ today =)

Special Mother’s Day shout-out to my mom! Thanks for always being there for me and being one of my first followers even though you don’t always approve of my obsessions… I love you very much! ❤

– Cloudy

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5 Reasons Why You Should Read Manga or Watch Anime

Warning: A lot of anime/manga references below 😉


Host_Club_26_RAW[FINAL] 0961) The Story

All books, television series and movies are similar visual stimulants and forms of entertainment. We read manga because we love the world and we relate to the characters. The author/artist/director takes us on an amazing journey through the eyes of a handful of intriguing individuals. You experience emotions and events we may never experience in real life, whether embarking on a quest in feudal Japan for the shards of the Shikon Jewel or checking into the music room to request a Tamaki as your host, you’re drawn into a world of your choosing.


2) Japanese Culture


dij7dej6Face it, you wouldn’t know that –chan goes after a close female friend’s name and –kun goes after a close male friend’s name without manga… and how would you know how to call someone an idiot in Japanese? Have you ever tried okonomiyaki or sat in at a ramen shop? Despite the varying worlds according to each series, various Japanese elements are incorporated into the story. It’s a great way to learn of the various customs, traditions and festivals that Japan has to offer. Almost always, slice-of-life romantic comedy or shojo series takes place in your regular Tokyo, or in the case of Durarara! – Ikebukuro… though I hope the real Ikebukuro isn’t as crazy…Durarara-usual-suspects-pose

3) Escape Mechanism


Nine out of ten times, we read manga and watch anime to escape from our world. Who wants to be an average struggling freshman in university when you can be GOD like Suzumiya Haruhi. When you’ve failed a test at school or you’ve had a crappy day, Sebastian is always waiting with a specialty teas and a new dessert for you when you get home. ❤


4) The Art

clannad.pngI absolutely adore the wide-range of styles of each unique artist in each genre. I own quite few artbooks for this reason (leaving me broke after every convention) but it’s absolutely worth it. Like every art form, a manga’s art and layout reflects the mood of the story as well as the skill and style. Many readers or viewers will not even tolerate the story without first appreciating the art. How can you watch the anime or read the manga when the visuals are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye?


649 - izumi_konata lucky_star moe wallpaper5) A Whole New World

Yes, the title of this reason sounds cheesy, but anime and manga lovers relate to each other on a completely different level, a whole new scale of craziness and a unique set of lingo involving moe and kawaii and GLOMP! Anime and hobbyist conventions are the best ways to meet new people into the same interests as you are, share what you know and fangirl over the same hot guy… and isn’t fan-girling one of the best parts of being an anime/manga lover?


If you guys liked this little rant, please like and follow as well as comment on YOUR reason for watching anime or reading manga.

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