Girl’s Haul!!! (Free!, UtaPri, Shoujo and More…)

Hello everyone, it’s been a while! Exams have been killing me for the past two weeks but I’m pretty much done now which means I can’t wait to get back to the wonderful world of anime and fandoms. Today I have a really fun Haul to share with you all. Part 1 of this haul came out last week while Part 2 was released just now. This blog post will also provide you girls (and guys) with any extra pictures you might want to see of your favourite merch PLUS some really fun bonus pieces that I didn’t have time to mention but are super adorable nonetheless. I hope you guys enjoy ^^

Part 1:

Part 2


I didn’t have time to get through EVERYTHING in the haul because it was already split into two parts but I hope you guys enjoy these pictures…

Fangirling is better when we do it together.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Hey guys, just wanted to wish you all lots of love today!! Maybe I had too much fun with all these FB page photo messages ❤ Just wanted to share these with you guys (horrible exploit of the sugar cookie before it goes into ma mouth)

DSC_0022b DSC_0027cDSC_0025b

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Out of the Box: Makoto and Haru Reunite…

Hey Free babies! In honour of the season 2 of Free that’s recently been confirmed, I thought I’d share a package a little more than a week ago but haven’t had time to feature.

Extra (19)d2

In the last weeks of 2013,  my Haruka Nanase plushie came just before Christmas and I actually ordered the Makoto Tachibana first but because of the number of online orders around Christmas as well as the holiday schedule delays on the website, Makoto was delayed until later in January. Today I’m very very pleased to add Mako to my plushie and otaku collection. He’s from the same collection line as Haru sporting the same Iwatobi Swim Club Jacket (removable). What I noticed different about Makoto is that the dimensions of plushie body are actually a bit wider than Haru’s, reminiscent of the original character designs. Haru has a slimmer physique while Makoto has a broader built. Makoto also has a really friendly expression on and when you place him next to Haru you can see how much detail Japanese designers put into their merchandise. (I tried my best with the lighting because I was holed up in my apartment in Kingston without proper lightning utensils so bear with me.)

Out of the Box: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Haru Plushie

Hi guys, I hope your holidays are going well. I wanted to share with you all my new Haruka Nanase plushie from the Free! anime series that recently aired over the summer. If you guys want to check out my reviews for the series, click here.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this in previous posts but I absolutely LOVE Bandai plushies. Their overall quality is topnotch and the plushies are very huggable. In contrast to the Nendoroid plushie lines that are perhaps more for display rather than fun, all the Free! plushies released thus far have interchangeable jackets and shirts. I am a huge plushie collector and more than once, the quality or simply the brand name of the company empties out my wallet. The plushies with the Iwatobi jackets like Haru stand at about 30cm tall so not only are they a really good size but you’re getting your money’s worth because they’re pretty big. Well, to me they are anyway but I’m only 5 feett so take that previous statement relative to your height and size. The arms and legs are flexible and the plushie is proportioned enough so that Haru can stand if he has solid footing on a sturdy ground.

I am just so surprised at how soft the plushie turned out to be.  If you’re into small details, take a look at Haru’s eyes, the stitching is woven tightly and neatly; this is one of the key features that can help you distinguish imitations from genuine products. Each expression of the plushies are designed to fit their character’s personality so while Haru sports a serious look, other plushies like Nagisa or Makoto are smiling. But no worries, Haru’s always smiling on the inside 😉

Special shoutout to AmiAmi that got my package delivered so quickly before Christmas.


I hope you guys liked this new “Out of the Box” feature. The hat doesn’t come with the plushie, I happened upon a Christmas decor hat in the stores that was the perfect size for my anime plushies so I thought I could get Haru into the Christmas spirit haha

There probably won’t be any ground shaking reviews or rants for Dec 24 and 25. If anything, I’ll post some winter photography and you can see how cold it gets in Canada. I’m sure you’ll all be too busy with holiday dinners or family meet-ups to even open your laptop and even if you don’t have any big gatherings, call up a bunch of friends to celebrate the holidays together. ‘Tis the season! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a safe winter holiday and I will talk to you guys on Boxing Day!

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